Swelling of the bag in front of

Bags under the eyes is that going to be a common concern for the lives of busy urban women standing overtime. What seems to be the enemy of beauty. Now to find a solution, it is time to adopt the swelling.
It is the responsibility of the bags under the eyes of many factors.The statistics have shown that there is a genetic predisposition. In addition, maybe lack of sleep, lack of sleep, long-term depression, to promote the development and worsening terms of anatomy it.Amplified, baggy eyelids, swollen eyes to all the weakness and sagging skin of the eye relief can be run on.
You can prevent this do?
Enough sleep
It is important for blocking the road the first bag. Long-term sleep deprivation is a major cause of damage. This research will reduce the risk of occurrence or worsening of sleep-swollen eyes, suggesting that it is possible to increase the blood flow to the tissues of the eyelids it is much better. Gravity and lack of sleep, chronic fatigue pre-show, blockage of blood flow, eye bags, which can make the eye tissue. In addition to balanced nutrition to prevent, lacrimal sac massage, nourishing cream effectively.
Eye Care
There are a few tips to ease swollen eyes. A cup of tea to keep in the refrigerator freezer about 15 minutes, make a cup, soak a cotton swab, apply to the eyelid. Second, the position has met the press carefully, please copy and paste 10 times to sleep in the ring. Third, eye cream to help balance skin elasticity and spring from the skin and eyes and the right time, a reasonable amount. Finally, eye exercises, and massage. This is around the eyes, improves peripheral circulation, and keep an active eye blood cells.
Eye health, carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, and foods rich in vitamin A and vitamin B2, such as beans and liver of such animals, which can be used to fish and eat.
In short, it is possible to defeat the tear duct cleaning your eyes with beauty treatments.


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