Help and Recipes Nature

Natural remedies natural dog foods Improve the body and Used
Overall health.

Of pure water a day, drink 8-10 glasses a lot to Improve the beauty of nature is one of the best tips. It is clear cleanse your skin That you and you feel like your body to continue Would be helpful.

The best natural food preservatives, no chemicals or fragrances in commercial products These irritants a lot of foods, the brand is That You Can find. These foods are inexpensive and available Immediately
Travel Can Be Obtained from the leaves of
Food: “You can use the face:

Crush one. After 10 minutes inside thoroughly Mature With A face mask
Enjoy fresh milk and fresh cotton ball and Gently press all of her face.
The face is Completely free of dust, in Addition to protein feed.
To lighten the skin and soften rough Elbows and knees.
Exfoliating Body Lotion and cut the ginger and mix.
Olive oil
Ten hair conditioner leave in 15 minutes Olive Oil You Can Use
Before shampooing.

Mask on the lips as you dog with mayonnaise. Place in cold water 10 minutes before you start.
Frost in a bowl of ice cooled chamomile tea. When set, remove the cubes on the face.

Only Temporarily interrupted, use egg whites. Face and neck Movements and the rising spread of honey and mix spoon.When With A Place in 15 minutes and rinse with warm water Then.
Add acne to dry, mix the teaspoon of honey in a bowl. Enjoy cotton ball and place the honey is Applied.
Cut two rounds and place on Eyelids, and soothe tired eyes.
On the surface of the skin and spread it before you cut the tomatoes finely. I work as an Effective cleaner.
Recipes with lots of hair care and beauty products and cleaning of the mask Can Be Done in the kitchen appliances.

Lip Balm Recipes
Beeswax 1 / 2
Almond Oil • 4
• 1 teaspoon colored jojoba beads
• 2 teaspoons essential oil
Melt, microwave wax, jojoba beads and pearls and in a glass bowl and put a hundred and five ounces sweet almond Fourteen. Mix with a spoon. Add essential oil, Then let it cool for a FEW minutes. Pour Into a jar of cocoa butter.
Honey Moisturizing Mask

• 2 tablespoons honey
• 2 tablespoon warm milk
Mix warm milk and honey. Is Applied to the face. Soak with warm water 10 minutes.Rinse.

Nature Air
• 1 egg yolk
1 teaspoon olive • 2 five days
• 3 / 4 cup warm water
Until Yolks thick and black. Add oil and mix well. Then add water to the egg mixture and mix well. Into Massage clean damp hair. Rinse with warm water after-About 10 minutes.


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