Myths about the components of natural beauty

Low emissions, no genetically modified ingredients and flavors – home cooking, we all know the benefits of eating organic foods.To brightness and beauty products to promote health and cosmetics, organic and harmonic functions, and skin’s natural sense of skin, and a good job good option brings benefits as natural odor effective treatment for body and hair fall.

What is natural?

Natural products, plant and animal components and / or minerals, but the connections of the petrochemical and synthetic. But at this point, “natural” definition of a legal, not that many companies and their products “natural.” BDIH, 100% natural bodies standardization of the products have been identified there, therefore, authorized the natural closure of the user using a series of strict rules governing each of the rules product.These, genetically modified organisms are oil made from natural raw materials of animals “rule to define a synthetic compound. In addition, animal studies and certified organic ingredients, contains a mission possible.

If natural organic ingredients, please make sure no human or petrochemical environment and synthetic compounds. Using natural ingredients, does not exclude the possibility of skin irritation and allergic reactions are carefully selected, but reduces the likelihood of such events.

And organic?

The label of “certified organic” If you pay, please confirm that most of its components (95%), after strict government control and was grown and organic farming standards and can be verified by a third party certification body treatment.
Even if the issue of environmental standards, pesticides, fertilizers, sewage sludge or genetically modified organisms (GMO) free to use any of the agricultural sector. Have also set strict rules for the treatment of animals and the environment.

Our health, the environment, in addition to the benefits that come from the enormous benefits of organic farming. The use of natural fertilizers, the amount of toxic chemicals, reducing synthetic pesticides and herbicides in such an environment, the amount of these chemicals on food and shown water.Less active in organic farming methods can help intensive agriculture to ensure the quality “of natural resources.

If you buy organic cosmetics and skin care cosmetics such as is always on the lookout to read the ingredients and products online and what each product, please read the comments. Even if a certificate is “natural” or “organic” company standards for labeling their products as warranty seals.