Natural beauty tips for face

If you like, seems like a very important days.Most of the first people on the face, they realized that it makes sense if you have to do to achieve it. Shows how to take care of your skin and health in general, they are exposed. Brilliant, many women spend thousands of rupees for a beautiful face. They are beautiful, some women apply makeup to be added to its beauty. However, it is doing a lot of women, the cosmetic side effects. Natural tips very useful for these women, you can highlight the natural beauty, has a perfect face.

A little natural beauty to the women here are as follows.
Add some sandalwood powder ½ cup milk, saffron.Make a fine paste is applied to the face and neck. It is brilliant and will help you a radiant face.

You can not eat fried foods or Please avoid unwanted. Far from canned foods. Nutritious and healthy foods in your diet with fruits and vegetables, are included.
Drinking enough water to keep the toxins in your body. Also, drink plenty of juice.
Mix tomato juice 2 tablespoons lemon juice and the same amount. Apply to the face. It adds a healthy glow to your face.

Make a fine paste of almonds and milk, add a teaspoon of dried lemon peel. Apply to the face. This package is very effective for oily skin.
Grate the cucumber paste on the face. Sun 15 to 20 minutes.Please rinse with cold water now. The skin is pale and appears in minutes. Take daily for best results.
Mash two avocados, add a cup of lemon juice. Now it is on the face and neck. Let dry and rinse with cold water. Apply today for a radiant face.

Apply this paste on face and neck and mashed 4-5 strawberries.Please wash with clean water and leave for a while.
The natural ingredients are good for skin with coconut sandalwood powder in 2 tablespoons milk.Add coconut milk 3 cups.Make a paste and apply on your face. Wash your face with clean water and leave for a while.

Banana peel is an effective mask. Mashed banana and face and neck apply. Let dry and rinse with clean water. It is a soft, smooth skin of his face.
If you have blemishes or scratches, you can apply a paste of papaya on your face. This is useful for blemishes and scars.

The orange fruit is great for the skin. Take the pulp of the orange and add some cheese. Apply this paste on your face now, and dried. Wash your face with cold water. Please clean your face with a soft towel. To request an alternative for healthy skin and shiny package.


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