Natural Cosmetics – The Right Choice

We have more than once and discarded, and most do not buy cosmetics in the finals after a few months. Many cosmetic companies, glowing skin, bright eyes, false statements, and a kiss on the lips. But few long-term damage and more reliable in my nature. Are also present today in a great variety of natural products on the market used to allow your beauty.

Contribute to the natural beauty:
Our skin is ultraviolet because of dust and chemical attack. Natural products will help some of these factors affect our skin. Below are some of my favorite natural ingredients.

Aloe Vera:
Aloe vera is a component that provides fresh food, even the skin with moisture. Aloe vera is a natural component of skin care is one of the most popular, highly effective disease directed at the real skin.
Mineral Makeup:
Mineral Makeup, shows a surprising result for the use. These products are less reactive to chemicals. In addition to these products do very light, soft to the skin, but please do not clog the pores.

Fruit Products:
These products, which certainly very popular because of its vitamin enrichment services. These products also have antioxidant properties and rejuvenating. Grapes, citrus fruits and berries are used usually in the face. Lawyers like grapefruit shampoo and so would actually be very available. There are also a variety of fruit-based products on the market.

Cocoa butter:
Previously, dandruff, itching, dry winter, I felt. Cocoa butter lotion is super rich. It also makes a very creamy and soft skin, use twice a day to get in the winter.


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