Taking advantage of the natural beauty of the fruit

I am the beauty of nature with man, not the beauty of the face follow wants, but in the middle of many products in my face, skin care, usually from online pharmacies way.I. However, the separation of these products are not a little money, and if my heart, of course, for my beauty treatments look at some of the best combinations. In this case I used a combination, I would like to work from home to share with you.

Reinforced one of my favorites as a mask works very well in the face of the fishery. Take a peach on the skin and remove the central hole. Place the fish and egg whites in a blender and mix well. Face, you can be 30 minutes in the paethago mixed. Rinse with cold water.

I apologize for the normal skin and found a very good mask. Peel, core and quarter apples. The apples in the blender, add two tablespoons of honey. Mix well. Then mixed in the mixer and 10 minutes with a wave of applause in the refrigerator, remove the Apply mixture to your face and pat until sticky, honey, please. Place in warm water for about 30 minutes.

Strawberry mask that my grandmother said, was a hit. The trick is to use ripe strawberries. Add ½ cup of strawberries give and cornstarch in a blender and mix well janhago. Apply the mixture on the face and eyes should be avoided. Rinse with cold water and let stand for 30 minutes.

The next screen is excellent blemished skin. Cut ripe tomatoes, chopped in a blender. Tablespoons lemon juice and some oatmeal or oatmeal added. Stir the mixture well. Because it focuses on the face, not too long to mix. If too thin, just more oatmeal. Apply the mixture and let rest for 10 minutes. Wipe with a damp cloth and warm.

And there are a variety of skin care products market sureulhaneun are several possibilities. In my experience, the more natural remedies provide the best results. To avoid strong odors or flavors, low-quality materials that focus on the product. All natural fruit of the work against the miracle for me.


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