In the Age of What Women Feel Most Beautiful?

VIVAnews-How old was the most beautiful woman in his life? surveys show that women feel most beautiful when she reaches 32 years.

Survey of mineral water company that netted 1,500 women via the network says nearly 40 percent of women say they feel most attractive when they reach the age of 32 years. Among the celebrities who claim the most lustrous beauty at 32 years, among others, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Sophie Dahl and Liv Tyler.
At the age of 32 years, women have the confidence from the experience of life, love life, and maintaining a healthy diet.
Sandra Wheatley, a psychologist, as quoted by the Daily Mail said the survey findings indicate that in this age women have accomplishments and look young.
“For me, self-confidence of women greatly influenced her own personality. Confidence arising as a sign that we are appreciated for the ability not just looks alone,” he said.
Beauty, according to Wheatley, relating to the beliefs and life experiences. At the age of 32 years, a woman has gone through and have more experience of life at a young age.
“Women can also become their own worst enemy with heavy criticizing each other and wrinkles on the face. However, recent findings found that beauty is more than just skin deep.”


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