Tense face and pallid skin ..?

The face becomes tense is usually caused by many things. Among them: stress and fatigue. Therefore, to overcome them, set aside time for relaxation.

Here’s how:

Wash face with warm water. Then, who already heated towel placed on the face (while lying let bad) kira2 10 minutes.
After that, have a cold cucumber, sliced round 4 pieces. Put the skate on thin ice over the closed eyes of each one piece. The rest is put on the cheek, below the eye.
Let stand 10 minutes. Prepare a cold towel and then tepuk2 to the face.

So how do I cope with dull skin?
The first thing to note is the cause of the facial skin becomes dull. Lots of you know the cause. Among others:

Age factor. The age automatic increases skin moisture level was reduced.
The wrong diet. Usually dietary deficiency of fiber, vegetables and lain2 can cause skin becomes dull. If you like this, try to change your diet. Adequate food consumption of fiber. Besides eating strawberries also helps you know …
Outdoor activities. Many people who are doing outdoor activities. Well, if you are like the sun could be the “enemy” of our skin. Not only face but also the whole body can become dull. For this reason, a moisturizer that contains sunblock to good use. Consumption as well as honey and cucumber every day to help rehabilitate the skin.
One of cosmetics. This nie severity of women. Just because the influence of ad / friend / what people say, often iseng2 buy cosmetics without taking into account: whether they will be good for cosmetic use? Does not contain bahan2 TSB cosmetics harmful? Are there any side effects? Is it safe for sensitive skin? And most of all, whether to accept the cosmetic skin? Overcome this course is to discontinue use of cosmetics TSB. Do not care because it was purchased. But mercy on your beautiful skin. 🙂 Before you replace it with other cosmetics, cosmetic skin without let stand for 1-2 days. The idea is to provide an opportunity for skin to adjust his condition again.