Efficacy Cucumber

Since the girl, my mother often told me to clean your face with cucumber. It is said that a cucumber is great for skin care. So in order to stay beautiful n young, ga blio ever stopped to catch my memasker to face with the green fruit is juicy.

After years of using it, then I know from various sources that the cucumber contains a lot of benefits. Indeed, Allah has created the way that we can take all the lessons. Want to know ..?? Read more news … donk!

Cucumbers have a scientific name Cucumis sativus. Containing 0.65% protein, 0.1% fat and carbohydrates as much as 2.2%. It also contains calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and vitamin C. Cucumber seeds themselves contain toxic alkoloid hipoxanti type, which is used to treat children suffering from intestinal worms.

If you suffer from pain in the throat that causes difficulty speaking (cough) can be treated with cucumber seeds. The trick: a little bit of cucumber seeds mixed with salt and dikumur several times a day. This treatment is believed to restore the sound was lost due to illness.

Disease-dizzy dizzy sustainable so that they can lose weight can be overcome by consuming raw cucumber or cooked. In addition, cucumber can also be used to treat dysentery.

Clean the kidneys with a cucumber

Cucumbers are familiar with us. As fresh vegetables, mixed pecal, or serve refreshments. However, the efficacy of cucumber was too much. Besides being able to reduce fever in a short time, and high blood shed, this vine can also cleanse the kidneys.

Cucumbers are cultivated everywhere, both in the field, the home page or in a greenhouse. These plants are not resistant to rain continuously. Growth requires high humidity, fertile soil loose and gets full sun with good drainage. Cucumbers should be propagated to the rack and grows well from the lowlands to 1,300 m above sea level. This plant is thought to originate from the Himalayas in northern India. Seasonal crops, creeping or climbing, rough-haired, trunked wet, length 0.5 to 2.5 m. These plants have tendrils spiral-shaped branches that come out on the side of the petiole. Single leaf, where the alternate, long-stemmed, wide oval shape, bertaju 3-7, with heart-shaped base, pointed tip, serrated edge. 7-18 cm long, 7-15 cm wide, green color. The flowers have a cream-colored male and female flowers are shaped like a trumpet. Fruit oval, grows depends, waxy green color is white, after the old dirty yellow color, length 10-30 cm, the base berbintil, contains a lot of fluids. Seeds many, meruncingi flattened oval shape, the color is dirty white. Young leaves and stalks can be eaten as raw or steamed lalab. The fruit can be eaten raw, boiled, steamed or disayur. Can also be pickled or eaten with salad. Many types of cucumbers in the market, such as regular cucumbers, cucumbers Krai, wuku cucumber, cucumber and cucumber watang poan. Propagation by seed.

To drink. To taste grated or eaten raw.

External use only. To taste the fruit is washed and shredded. Used to compress the fever, was applied to wounds, burns, stains on skin patches, acne, facial cleanse oily skin and reduce itching skin.


A. High blood pressure.
2 pieces of fresh cucumber washed and shredded. Results parutannya squeezed and strained, and drunk sekaligus.Lakukan 2-3 times a day.

2. Sprue.
Every day eat as much as 9 pieces of cucumber fruit. Perform routine.

3. Cleanse the kidneys.
Washed and shredded fresh cucumber. Results parutannya squeezed and filtered. Drink water little by little until the gastric fluid used to receiving cucumber.

4. Fever.
Cucumbers taste washed, and shredded. Results parutannya placed on the abdomen.

5. Acne.
Cucumber fruits are washed and sliced. cucumber slices placed and rubbed on the skin with acne. Do it every day.

6. For irregular menstruation drug.
Finely minced leaves 10 Cocor ducks, 5 finger flask of water, 5 majakan, 1 cucumber, leaves 10 dadap srep, leaves 10 sambaing plug in, add water salt to taste. Then rubbed into the abdomen, and dressing and do two times a day.

Cucumber for Beauty

Nature prepared by the Creator for the beauty and subtlety of the face and neck skin. Natural ingredients such as cucumber, cow’s milk, lime juice, oil machinations, garlic, onions, tamarind and ginger is very useful for smoothing the face and neck.

Honey is useful to tighten the skin of the face if you are diligent in using it to masage. Afterwards wash your face with warm water and rub lemon juice or tomatoes. The same way but replacing the honey with the oil penetrate another way to treat facial skin. If the machinations of oil used, thereafter usapi facial skin with oil or oil ylang cape.

If you regularly wash your face with water expiry tea producing a clean smooth face glow.

Memasker habit face with cucumber, producing silky smooth skin. Other ways, apply a squeeze of roses on the skin. Get used to it in the morning when the flowers are still contains moisture. Apparently egg whites, too, is a good mask material. Apply egg white on the skin, let sit 10 minutes just to wash with warm water. Just do a once a month.


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