Simple Ways Oily Skin Care

If you have oily skin, you mean the same boat with me. Incidentally my skin oily enough to earn the nickname of the national oil resources. But, do not be discouraged. Oily skin can look beautiful too teteub koq. Consider this a few tips from me.

Notice the face is

Sometimes not all parts of your face oily. Therefore, properly identify which parts of which spend a lot of oil. Facial treatments often fail because of it. Just because the ‘T’ greasy, then given the whole face of cosmetics for oily skin. As a result, the other face must suffer for it.

Note Cosmetic & How To Use The Used

It is also dangerous if carried out of origin. Benar2 should choose cosmetics that correspond to facial skin. Better yet, if cosmetics are guaranteed good for sensitive skin. This can reduce the irritation you know.

Moisturizers are also required to be used by oily skin. This can help control the discharge of oil on the face. In addition, if not the entire face is oily, then put in place just a greasy moisturizer. Other parts are normal, put moisturizer for normal skin.

The use of cosmetics for oily skin should also be done when the face is clean and dry. Wet skin will make the perfect cosmetic does not stick. While the skin is not clean, will provoke the growth of acne and damaged skin pores.

Keep Hygiene

Well, this should and must be considered. Oily skin is generally quickly soiled by dust and other impurities. So be diligent cleaning. Ga always have to clean it with cleaning cosmetics, koq. Simply wash your face with clean water, then immediately dried.

Not enough of it, should not be touched with the face of dirty hands or other objects that are not believed to be clean.

Perform Special Care

The point is that maintenance is performed at certain times and not every day. Such as: facials, scrubs, and more. Why should I do? Of course, to keep clean and healthy skin.

If you did not get to the salon, do yourself at home. Ga ga got a lot of money was a problem. Use a facial / scrub from natural materials such as cucumbers, oranges, and others.

Example: take 1 piece of cucumber. 4 split lengthwise. Then the inside of the seed in a little chopped. Then, rub the face that had been cleaned. Let stand 10-15 minutes. Clean with warm water. Then wipe with a clean towel. Give a moisturizer.

Remember, after a facial / scrub, you should not use cosmetics before. Let your face rest.