Eliminate spots on the face

Got a problem with spots on the face because of acne? Certainly interfere with the appearance of donk. Whose name is acne, be it blackheads, acne cystic acne usually up, there is no good. But, do not curse the pimples because he would not be there on your face if:
A. We diligently clean the face. No need to spend extra cost for this cosmetic and it is promoted in a clean face. Enough plain water to clean because it helps repel all bad bacteria that cause acne. (This is why people are diligent ablution his face so bright plasticity)

2. Keep the intake as a cause of acne is hormonal imbalance.

3. Avoid stress. Believe it or not but it is true. Stress is one of the breed in facial acne. So manage stress well so reluctant to stop the acne on your face is cute.

Well, here are a few tips to overcome the “remnants” of acne on your face.

A. Wash your face with betel leaves steeping water 2-3 times a day. Its function is to kill the acne bacteria.

2. Clean your face with starfruit extract mixed with a little salt water. Starfruit is excellent for anti-inflammatory and astrigen (shrink large pores due to acne)

3. Steam face with a cup of tea.

4. Apply acne scars with a cinnamon stick powder mixed with honey every night, wash in the morning.

5. Take a little honey and heat until boiling. Let stand until lukewarm then apply on the acne scars for + / – 2 hours. Do it every night before bed. This method can also be used to remove eczema scars, both hands and legs. In addition, if you like fishing and often suffered burns due to hot sun, apply the honey to the wound 2 times a day bakarmu after every shower.

6. Do not touch your pimples with dirty hands let alone to squash it. It’s a bit much to reduce the scars due to acne

7. Diligent memasker face also helps you know. Especially the spotty due to heredity and allergies to certain weather.
Well, for those interested masks anything that could be used. Wait for my next article…