Dull Skin Face ..? Or porous great ..?

adek “First wjahQ ga dull. But knapa now so dull is not it? not shine … What is one reason adlh krna bersih2 first sy rarely face?”

Adek “sy also used to wear foundation. Pdhal Prev ill ever wear. After making it, jd sy dull skin. What pnybabnya jg Was? Sha pingin know”

Milka “there are great tips for pori2 ill?”

Hmmm … For skin problems mba Adek dull. If you stick with what I have written here and here, I think most of your questions can be answered. Unfortunately, you do not mention your age, how long you use the foundation and whether the foundation is used in accordance with the condition of your skin.

I do not recommend to use foundation every day. This is because its function is simply to refine the use of powder. Instead, I highly recommend using a moisturizer every day, day and night according to skin type. Because, as we age person, the type of skin conditions, especially humidity can be changed. Here, the role moisturizer is needed. Only, each using a moisturizing the skin should be clean.

Clean your face and MUST MUST also legal. Kotoran2 attached to the skin often does not appear immediately. Hence, we have to clean your face regularly. Facials and scrubs should also be routinely performed. For oily skin, do it 2 times a month. While for normal and dry skin, just do it once a month.

If the current skin to be less luminous Adek mba, do not use products containing bleach. Because bisa2 worsened the situation. Do it the natural way. Indeed, the new results appear after some time (at least a month depending on skin condition). So yes be patient.

For mba Milka had a problem with a large pori2.

Large Pori2 usually caused by many factors. First because of genetic or hereditary factors. Both because of oily skin and acne. The rest of the acne is then formed pori2 great.

Pori2 large can not be removed except by surgery. However, its presence can be minimized. There are several ways you can do to shrink large pori2 who already are.

First, wash your face regularly, especially after outdoor activities. Because of the dirt and clogged pores can make pores bigger.

Secondly, if your skin is oily and acne, do the peeling, scrubbing and facials on a regular basis. Use of cosmetics is not an exaggeration to state pores smaller. Visit your doctor or a beautician who can help you to do all that.

Third, as far as possible avoid eating foods that can trigger acne (if your skin condition acne and oily).


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