Acne scars, can be lost?

If I could choose, would not want anyone having acne problems. Facial care is good and right can avoid acne. But many other factors such as stress, pollution, diet and hormonal changes also play a role. As a result, acne is a problem experienced by most people especially the youth. Can acne scars be removed? … could, but it requires patience 🙂

After the acne is resolved, there will be two subsequent problems: post-acne hyperpigmentation (spots / black spots) and acne scar (scar tissue). The emergence of these two problems depends on the duration of the inflammatory process caused by acne. If the acne to be addressed immediately and lasts for a while, it will only leave stains black spots (hyperpigmentation) on the superficial skin layer, so that will usually go away within a matter of months. However, if acne lasts long, protracted inflammation that will stimulate the emergence of scar tissue as the body’s natural response to repair the damage caused acne. The result is a change in the surface of the skin becomes rough and uneven. If the acne scars do not disappear after 6-12 months, the problem facing not just post acne hyperpigmentation, acne scars but

The best prevention is to facilitate the healing process of acne, so only brief and so will not cause a deep scar. The sooner acne is resolved, the easier it is to overcome the scar may not even require special care. Avoid direct sunlight as it will cause skin damage and inhibit the healing process, and never work especial acne (squeeze, hold) because it would disrupt the ongoing process of healing and cause infection continues.

Stain / black spots caused by acne usually disappears naturally after 6-12 months. The more the longer the loss of the black stain. Regenasi process / change of skin every 28 days so that will disguise the color back to its original color. Use at least SPF 15 sunscreen to avoid damage from solar radiation that would darken the stain. Exfoliation process can be accelerated by using creams containing AHAs, BHA, or tretinoid. Products that can inhibit the production of the active chemicals such as Hydroquinone melanin (melanox) or kojic acid can also help overcome the stain. However pengunaanya must be careful. Stop usage if there are changes or if there is no change at all. Hydroquinone can cause severe skin irritation and can also aggravate the condition becomes more black stains and hard to break.

Chemical peels: chemical peels (ex. lactic acid) can also be an option to address hyperpigmentation or acne scar is shallow. Changes are usually seen after 4-6 treatments with a distance of 2 weeks. This action is usually performed by a dermatologist, then consultation is required, as well as to cope with acne scars. Although there are currently several products and treatments that can improve mild acne scars, acne scars mostly require special treatment such as filler or laser.