about Acne

There are two questions about acne.

Susah2 acne is easy. The first time I experienced acne is when using a cosmetic product at the instigation of a brother. Because my skin is not made for each other, it appeared acne
The steps I do when getting acne are:

Diligent cleaning your face with clean water. If possible, use the product (soap) for sensitive skin.
Give acne medications and acne on the skin around the pimple 2 times a day for (at least) 30 minutes. I usually choose products made from natural bahan2 like product from or Mustika Ratu Sari Ayu (sorry call brands).
Mask and facial scrub once a week. Once the face has been acne free, do it 2 weeks for oily skin or once a month for normal and dry skin.

For questions Rida, hmmmm .. there are two possibilities. First, you do not fit with the product. Second, the technique of using a product that is not right. I have not been able to provide the most appropriate answer. My advice, if you are in doubt, refrain from using drugs. And, if necessary, consult an expert. Normally, your skin condition will be checked before being given the most appropriate treatment.