Hands and Feet Dull skin?

Skin of the hands and feet are usually more easily become dull. Especially if you are lazy to take care of him.

There are several steps that must be and must be done to get the skin of the brilliant hands and feet.

1 Get used to maintain the cleanliness of the hands and feet.
2 Make a habit of applying lotion to the hands and feet at least 2 times a day. For those who indulge in air-conditioned or the middle of the scorching sun, get used to apply the lotion more often, especially after washing hands / feet (except for washing hands before eating yaa ..)
3 Use a lotion that suits your skin type. Try a lotion with an SPF of at least 15. But, for us who live in tropical climates, you should use SPF 30.
4 Consumption of natural vitamin C from buah2an and vegetables as often as possible.
If no, apply vitamin C and E are alternate once a day. Usually the liquid vitamins are available at a dermatologist.
5 Do not forget to exercise. Function here is to keep the sport firmness / elasticity of the skin.

Well, if you do what I describe above, God willing hands and feet skin will look brilliant.