Do you have cleaned your face …?

Not an easy question ..?

Do you have cleaned your face ..? If so, when ..? How many times a day you clean your face …?

Many people complain, I’ve cleared my face as directed, but why my face is still blotchy, dull, and so forth …? Possible way and a wrong time …!

Cleaning the face of truth is as follows:

Clean your face before applying make-up or after traveling.
Perform at least 2 times a day.
Clean your face after a shower and / or shampooing.

The wrong habit is to clean your face before bath. Why is that ..? Because chances are there are soap, shampoo, conditioner, hair toner even be on your face. Bahan2 chemistry, although not felt able to influence the health of the face.

Well, now, get used to cleanse your face with it the right way

Hopefully useful …