Black circles under the eyes

Well, there are questions about this so … Well we discussed it …

Some people have black circles under his eyes. Even to interfere with performance, you know .. Then, why is that ..?? Can be lost or not ..? If possible, how to get rid of ..?? Is the use of spectacles was also influential ..?

Dark circles can be experienced by all people without exception. Many supporting factors, such as: heredity, fatigue / lack of sleep, too often exposed to sunlight, lack of nutrition or as having a certain disease.

Well, try deh pan. Why is there dark circles under your eyes?

Can be removed? How?
Actually, the circle may be omitted. The important thing is we already know what the cause. If just a lack of sleep / fatigue, we just need to rest enough. Relaxation. Place chilled cucumber slices or tomato on the eyelids to relieve tired eyes. Or if you are a fan of tea, you can use tea bags that have been used and put it over the eyelids while sleeping.

If, as is too often exposed to sunlight, try to use a special moisturizer for the eye. Use the morning, afternoon and evening after cleaning the face. The thing to remember, the skin around the eyes is very sensitive. So, berhati2lah when buying a product. Do not be mesmerized by the ad. Find the right fit with your skin type. When using the cream, do not rub too hard or pull the skin because it will only damage your skin. Should apply from the corner of the eye to the outside with a gentle circular motion. Similarly, when cleaning it.

Whereas if it is caused by malnutrition, then fix your eating patterns. I have repeatedly explores the issue in my blog. So, if you really want to perform excellent intentions, just try to follow my advice. Okay ..? ^ _ ^

So, what about heredity or because of certain diseases. Well, I’m not a doctor let alone dermatologist. So, who can offer advice is talk to your doctor. They are more able to give you good advice for this problem.

Do glasses have a hand?
As far as I know, the answer is NO. ^ _ ^


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