An easy way to apply the product ..

Many of the questions posted to me, really how does proper steps for skin care ..?
First, check your skin condition.

This is very important because the skin condition of each person tends to differ. So, do you to claim if the product is suitable for a friend / sodaramu, then he is also suitable for you. I have a lot of experience to this one. As a teenager, my skin has never spotty, although oily skin conditions. Why? Because of my diligent care. I used to use a cucumber mask. Understandably, it’s time specialized cosmetics for teens blom there. 🙂

Well, there I Sodara ngajakin pake a good product that he says. The proof? Her skin was so nice emang bener. a short story that I nyobain pake product. the result? Since then, I know acne skin ..! 🙂

Second, locate and determine exactly what kind of cosmetics.

If the skin condition is clear, the next step is to determine what products are suitable for use.

Currently, I am 35 years of age. a dozen years I worked in an air-conditioned. At home even in air-conditioned car. All this resulted in my skin tends to dry. Although it looks greasy but less humid. So it seems there are some wrinkles in some places. On the other hand, my skin is very sensitive even to the weather. Got a little hot air, then immediately flushed.

Well, as I understand the condition of my skin, so I easily determine what is required by my skin. And I use Aloe based products, because it can improve skin moisture and is suitable for sensitive skin.

Third, use a series of products.

That is, do not pake cleansers, toners, and moisturizers from a variety of different brands or of several different types. Example: A brand cleansers and toners and moisturizers brand B. Or cleanser for oily skin, toner and moisturizer for dry skin. Ga connect donk.

Fourth, make it a habit to clean your face at least 2 times a day.

This hereditary disease and nie ilangnya really hard. If you’ve exhausted sometimes we like deh bersihin males face. And we finished a day of outdoor activities. With dust, dirt and germs that are floating.

It helps us to change this bad habit. Deh try to be more ‘care’ of yourself .. love you .. also if want a beautiful skin for longer … 🙂

Fifth, use a moisturizer after each cleansing.

Ga is also equally important. Use a moisturizer after each cleansing. Thus, complete STEP 2 is easy to apply product that you choose to use.

Remember ..!! Do not carelessly pake yaaa products …