Caring neck …

Generally, the girls really busy ngurusin skin, feet, hands, until his hair so beautiful and brilliant teteub. But we often forget that the neck will also need special care. Why? Because the neck is not never lied ..!

Condition of the skin in the neck it can explain how an old age. Ga believe ..? Try sajah notice people around you (especially the ibu2). Those who have a pretty face, smooth, and shiny skin condition does not necessarily have the same neck as his face. It may be that the neck skin wrinkles berkerut2 indicate that age is not as young as her face.

So, Balance your skin care. Do not just take care of facial skin, yes …

Then how to care for skin of the neck ..?

This is actually an easy thing. The trick is to use the same technique with facial treatments. Perform maintenance in unison when you provide care in your face.

And because, typically, the neck skin are more prone to irritation and dry, Apply a cream containing honey or cream for normal to dry skin.

Besides, we can also use a honey mask around the neck. Let stand 15 minutes before cleaning.