Dry Skin Care

Previously let us examine, what can cause the skin to become dry ..
There are several factors that cause skin conditions, especially the face, becomes dry:

Hormonal / Age
Some people do have a tendency to have dry skin conditions. Generally, those aged above 35 years, slowly but will have a skin condition that tends to be dry. Therefore, those aged over 35 are advised to use a range of cosmetics that contain moisturizers to help him cope with the high, dry skin.

Wrong diet
Today, people have a tendency to consume fast food. Inadequate intake of nutritious food is often the beginning of the destruction of skin tissue. Why ..? Because, the regeneration of skin cells that are well supported by the content of vitamins that we get through the food we create every day. Well, if our diet is wrong, how the body can obtain vitamin intake is needed?

Lack of vitamin E
Most people know that vitamin E is a powerful vitamin because of its diverse functions. Starting from as antioxidants that are used to withstand the attack of free radicals that make the damaged cells to prevent the degeneration of the nerve of sight to prevent damage to nerve cells, increase sexual desire, maintain and strengthen the immunity of white blood cells. Saktikan vitamin E is ..??
So, do not hesitate to consume all foods that contain vitamin E because this vitamin is very kind in keeping your skin moisture.

Humans require about 2 liters of fluid every day. Especially those who work in air-conditioned, so even if not thirsty, your body is actually mild dehydration. Well, when a person is dehydrated / hydrated, the skin will feel dry and flaky due to decreased moisture in the skin.

Smoking / drinking alcoholic beverages
Cigarettes and alcoholic drinks can also affect skin conditions. Both the skin tends to become dry and scaly. Therefore, from an early age to avoid consuming them.

The wrong use of cosmetic products

Improper use of cosmetics can make dry skin conditions. That is why we must pay attention to correct skin conditions before determining what is best for him. Consult with people who are more expert, not by the opinions of those who use a product. Misguided people in deciding to use cosmetic products is due to see that this product or products that are used by many people and proved to secure a certain percentage. This is the wrong way to judge ..! Select which implies the well-proven products and high quality. Also, select the appropriate skin condition.

For those who already have a skin condition that tends to dry, try the following steps:
Avoid cigarettes and drinks / food / skin care products that contain alcohol
Drinking water / mineral at least 2 liters per day
Clean your face twice a day and never forget to use moisturizer
Scrub and facial mask with ingredients that can moisturize the skin

Here are some pieces that can be used as a mask or consumed directly because it contains substances that are good in keeping the skin moist.
red fruit

To scrub:
Mix 1 teaspoon of oats that have been mashed with 1 tbsp honey and 1 tablespoon yogurt. Mix well and use as a scrub to cleanse skin of dirt that may still be left in the skin. Use 1 time in 1-2 weeks.

To mask:
2 tablespoons mashed avocado or kiwi. then mix with 1 tablespoon honey and 1 tablespoon egg white. stir well. apply on the face that had been cleaned. let stand for 15 minutes. clean it up completely clean.

Note: either use egg whites for those who have aged over 35 years because it can help to firm the skin. For those who are under 30 years old, could eliminate the use of egg whites.