wear lipstick for long lasting color

Chances are you reading this who are regular users LIPSTICK or lip color. ^ _ ^

Well, if it is true, how do you sehari2 in use ..?? What color you choose ..?? Based on what color you choose …?

I am a female type of lipstick is hard to escape .. ^ _ ^

That’s why, now I want to share a little about how to safely apply the lipstickĀ  ..

Dry the mouth with a cloth / paper towels are soft and clean.
Apply a moisturizing lip gloss or thin. Let stand 2-3 minutes to dry.
Shape of the lips with lip liner whose color matches the color of lipstick that will be used (at least one level above the color of lipstick).
Apply a thin layer of lipstick evenly throughout the mouth. Bantu with a lip brush if necessary.
Flatten with a tissue in the pursed lips. Let stand for 2-3 minutes.
Repeat points 4. Then, let stand 1 hour before eating and drinking.

Easy is not it ..? The way it is also relatively safer and healthier. Because, do not use chemicals that are not actually intended for the lips.

Even so, preferably, remove the lipstick after 6 hours. Clean the lips before using lipstick again. All of these health semata2 to your lips.

In addition, select a color that matches the color of the skin. Feel free to combine two colors, if desired.