Variety of cancer drugs –


The type of treatment chosen depends daari type, location and stage of cancer, the physical condition of the patient, patient selection, and availability of facilities. Kaanker treatment at an advanced stage very difficult and the results are often unsatisfactory. sebailknya, jike found at an early stage, is generally curable kaanker. As a measure of the success of cancer treatment is generally the 5 year survival (5-year survival).

After doing pemersikaan usually your doctor will explain the medical procedures you should follow. if not do not hesitate to ask. Here are some examples of questions you can ask your doctor as well as an outline of the various cancer treatment technique that you can choose:
– What exactly my type of cancer? How is she?
– What are the treatment yaang possible?
– What are the positive sides of such treatment?
– What’s the downside?
– What treatments do you recommend?
– Why is it, not the other?
– What will I feel during treatment?
– Is there sampinya effect?
– Efforts to what can be done to reduce these effects?
– What can and tidaak should I do?

In addition to the questions above you can certainly ask your own questions. Yaang whatever you want to know, ask. And whatever you rasaakan, point out, as can be will affect the physician’s decision. Especially when it comes to health problems that you experienced during this routine, disorders, certain habits, and so forth.

Here are various treatment options for cancer. But for a clearer description yaang you can ask your doctor.
– Operation / Surgery

Surgery is the procedure of the oldest cancer treatment, and are most likely to recover, especially for certain types of cancer that has not spread to other body parts. Advances in surgery have allowed surgical wound daan with minimal effects (some have no injuries at all) so afterwards you can return to normal activities.
– Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy has been used for cancer treatment since the 1950s. given before surgery to reduce the size of the cancer that would dioprasi or after surgery to clean up the remnants of the cancer cells. Sometimes combined with radiation therapy and sometimes not.

Drug destruction of cancer cells is given daalam tablet / pill, injection, or infusion. Jadwaal gift there are daily, weekly, or even once a month. How long you will have the effect of chemotherapy and sampinya or not, depending on your cancer and chemotherapy.
– Radiation

For some types of cancer such as kaanker in the passage and head neck, glands, lungs, daan Hidkin disease, radiation is the main treatment option. But radiation can also be given to other types of cancers, either as monotherapy or combination therapy with surgery or chemotherapy.

The effect of local therapy is administered externally or internally. Externally using a specific tool for the firing of radioactive waves toward cancer cells (rays), are internal in the form rarioaktif implant is inserted in the area of cancer, or a swallow medications / injections.
– Immunotherapy

Immunotherapy also called biologic therapy is a type of cancer treatment is relatively new yaang. Nevertheless expected to be developed rapidly and became a mainstay paraa doctor in healing upayaa kaanker in total.

Not unlike in general immunity, immunotherapy aimed to boost the body kekebalaan to fight cancer cells. There are three kinds immunoteraapi, namely aaktif (cancer vaccine), passive, and jerapi adjuvant. In Indonesia immunotherapy is sometimes given together with other types of pengobataan to get more optimal results, but not always. Tell your doctor if you want it.
– Gene Therapy

Gene therapy is done in several ways: (1) replacing missing genes or yaang rusaak, (2) stop working yaang gene responsible for the formation of cancer cells, (3) develop a gene that makes cancer cells labih mudaah detected and destroyed by the immune system, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy, and (4) stop the work of genes that trigger the creation of new blood vessels in cancerous tissue so-ssel cancer cell death.

At this time gene therapy has not been used in general, but clinical trials have been conducted and showed satisfactory results. To broaden just a matter of time.
– Alternative medicine

Basically the so-called “alternative medicine” can be classified into one of the above types of treatment, but the lack of adequate medical research led to treatment that is generally the treatment is under-recognized tradisionaal the medical community, therefore the treatment is simply called “alternative”. But you do wrong, sometimes traditional medicine is also effective against cancer. Terdisional drug popular in the community such as steeping dried leaves of the soursop, the ant nest stew, crown of the gods and so forth. Many combine them with medical treatment and the results are quite better.