Impotence erectile dysfunction

– A renowned playboy go to the doctor complaining of impotence. The doctor was surprised “No way! Your reputation is great, “he said. The playboy replied, “whatever the meaning of reputation, Doc, if not able to stand up straight!”

At present doctors use the term “erectile dysfunction” or impotence erectile problems to replace. this means that the penis can not function properly and can be treated. The term impotence sound like insurmountable problems.

Of old men more likely to experience erection problems. Many feel embarrassed by this. And not many men ataau medical professionals who discuss it openly. Detection and treatment of erectile problems can be managed with proper treatment.

Erection problems affect millions of men. For some men, Haal this is probably not a best or most important measure of power was to sexual satisfaction. however, for most men, erection problems menciptakaan mental stress that affects their interaction with family and friends.

Erection problems based on physical and psychological problems. That is, two things need to be addressed as well. Erection problems are caused more often by the age factor. This problem can occur because of an attack or handling. As a result, the patient endurance experience fear, loss of image and self esteem, and depression. Many men with diabetes mellitus likely to suffer from erectile problems.
Fear of failure

for men in all ages erectile failure may prevent them from taking the initiative in starting an intimate relationship. They may be worried or too poor rejection capability. Of old men are generally insensitive to social support for an intimate relationship. The threat of losing this relationship causes fear daan this can impact on health.
What causes erectile failure?

Blood flow to the penis is very important. Any damage will hinder aliraan be a problem. When blood flow in hentikaan or in case of leakage, an erection can not be maintained or lost very easily.

Psychological problems like depression, anxiety and worsening relations affect erectile function. these things reduce the mind eritos or reducing awareness of sensory events. As a result, the inability to initiate or sustain an erection.
Risk factors

Erection problems are a symptom of many conditions. Venous surgery, age, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, venous disease, high blood cholesterol, high lipoprotein kepadaataan rendahnyaa, obaat drugs, damage to neurogenic, Peyronie disease, priaapism, depression, alcohol konssumsi, kuraangnyaa sexual knowledge, interpersonal hubungaan or less closely the problems in it, and many chronic diseases, especially renal failure dialysis daan.

All this is a risk factor. Smoking affects the erectile function by increasing the impact of risk factors such as venous disease laainnyaa or high blood pressure. So far vesektomi not a risk factor. But this may just cause Haal negative emotions yaang then menhalangi erection.

Although erection problems increase with age, this is not a mandatory consequence of aging. Knowledge of these risk factors can help. It is important for your partner daan to discuss this with your doctor and consultant. There are a number of treatment you can choose so that it can fulfill your desires and expectations.

The combination of counseling and medical treatment is usually the best move. Vacuum devices and injectable therapies menjur enough for many men. Other men prefer the implant surgery. However, the most important thing is you need to get a lot of information about these options. Then select which best meets your needs and your partner.