Cope with distended abdomen


For many men, this is the period when the weight began to increase. Most of the men connected with a good lifestyle, which is eating regularly and greater income to buy more food that is through screening. At the same time, these men typically become less active.

Weight gain in those days was probably also associated with decreased levels of several types of hormones. The hormone is probably the most growth hormone levels steady decline in subsequent years. Exercise is the best way to increase growth hormone levels. Growth hormone deficiency is associated with growth and reduced body fat weight is not fat.

This type of weight gain important. Weight gain around the abdomen (or central obesity) is the most dangerous kind. Central obesity or apple shape associated with increased risk of heart disease and other damage. Obesity is associated with high levels of fats in the blood, gout, high blood pressure, diabetes, and sleep disorders, all these risk factors increase the risk of liver damage early.

Australian origin penenggak beer belly is a good example of central obesity. The cause is not related to drinking beer, but the excess amount of sugar (carbohydrate) are taken> the human body is very intelligent and capable of converting excess energy in the form of sugar in the form of the most common energy storage, fat.

Men store fat differently from women. Men tend to have a potbelly. Fat cells around the abdomen is different from fat cells in the hips and thighs of women. The cells are larger and more active. They can be quickly slipped the fat into the bloodstream as needed. They also can remove more fat than if the body does not need it as a muscle fuel. Historically, this may be related to the need for men to change fat into energy while out hunting.

It is important for men to reduce the size of the body, lower than their height. Reduce inches, not pounds. Each kilogram of fat use about 30 km of blood vessels to support it. Nearly half of the western diet has a huge belly that can cause serious health problems.