Back pain

– When men began to enter middle age, they usually have problems with your back. The majority of back problems associated with bad posture that you can set. The bottom of the spine to hold the body weight on it. When we sat down, transferring the weight of the spine to the pelvis, and when we stood up to move to the foot. All day long we stood erect, the weight pressing down the spine. With such an emphasis, I wonder if the body is shorter at the end of the day than during the morning before.

On a good natural posture lengkukan contained in or lumbar lardosis on the lower back. Lumbar lordisis is important to maintain the strength back. The problem occurs when the arch the lower back when sitting or bending forward. So sitting in a chair for long periods or at the computer can be a serious threat to his back.

Poor posture bererti that ligmen and smooth muscle tissue between the vertebrae to stretch very strong. Such stretching is ongoing will cause pain and damage to the spine.

If after consulting with your doctor finds that you include one of the 80% of men who experience back pain due to mechanical problems, here are some exercises that can be done.

If you do not have a problem with your back, you might be able to consider the information below to keep your back healthy.

Back disease is a disease the most common musculoskeletal
Disease back with disability and also calculate the cost of medical care is a costly disease in the western world
Chronic back and leg problems rarely occur in the developing world / third world
If we keep the bad posture, in the end we will bend as you get older
When lifting something to remember that your back is not a crane, and should not be bent.

Always push lordosis. Buy or make a back roll. Towels can even be used. Way to be rolled towel to prop the back of the narrowest when sitting or driving.

If you must sit for a long time took the opportunity to rest some of the body. Stand up and fold back the body. Standing for long periods can lead to extreme lordosis yaang, remember well to stand up straight.


When watching television, put his face on the floor by leaning on the elbow.
Lie on your back, rest your head on the floor and place your hands beside your knees. Slowly lift your knees toward your chest.
Stand up straight and put your feet open hand on the back of the most cramped fingers facing down. Now lean while keeping the knee straight. Hold for 3 seconds and back upright.