Askep diarrhea children

 – small children or infants were vulnerable to diarrheal diseases because of the biggest problems that cause diarrhea are clean, it is possible to prevent the disease is contagious to our baby. So far, there are many parents who think little if the infant or child has diarrhea. As a result when it comes to doter was too late, patients lack a lot of fluids, fatigue, severe dehydration in a state of the child was not even aware of.

If allowed to go on, diarrhea will cause dehydration and subsequent shock and even death. Infants aged less than one month has been declared diarrhea if stool frequency magnitude is more than four times a day. While babies over one month if the frequency is more than three times.

Some of the factors that cause diarrhea in children include gastrointestinal infections due to bacteria, viruses or parasites. For children with diarrhea without dehydration give fluids such as ORS, salt solutions, as well as foods or fruits that contain water. In infants given breast milk is more frequent with oral rehydration salts are added.

If the diarrhea does not improve within five days or emerging signs of dehydration call your doctor. During the child does not show signs of dehydration usually diarrhea will stop itself without the need for medication.
The following steps for your child to avoid diarrhea

If the little one still in a given lactation milk (ASI) in full. ASI will assist the body’s defense little stronger. Included also in the germs resist the attack.
Sterilize the bottle is used for drinking milk. Soak the first hot water before filling with less milk utuk child.
Cook with the right water used for drinking until it was at the boiling point. Raw water is a potential cause of diarrhea due to contaminated bacteria from feces. Especially if your child is immune lamah, he can easily attacked by diarrhea.
Avoid storing cooked food at room temperature. It can make fast food or fast mushrooms grown stale.
Get used to your baby since kecoil for defecating in his place and not arbitrary.
Familiarise your child to wash their hands before and after meals. So is washing your hands after doing any activity outside the home, after a bowel movement (BAB) and small. Also get used to wash hands after changing a child as well as clean the dirt, after throwing feces, especially before preparing food and before feeding the child.
Always provide your child and get used to using soap in hand washing. Do not forget to rinse your hands with running water and dried with a clean cloth or towel.
Teach your child not to snack at random. When snack, snacks should be able to tell which is decent (clean) and no.
Familiarise your child to tell you immediately if attacked by any illness, including diarrhea. This will create fast handling and not too late.
Finally do not forget to continue to provide specific diarrhea medicine to your child.

Outbreak control procedures (KLB)

Criteria for outbreaks of diarrhea
Increased incidence of morbidity / mortality due to diarrhea continuously for 3 consecutive period (hours, days, weeks). CRF due to diarrhea in a specified period showed an increase of 50% or more compared to the previous period.

Pre-outbreak period
Explore the possibility of an outbreak / epidemic is to implement the Early Alert System carefully. In addition to other steps as follows.
– Increasing awareness of good health center early in the SKD, personnel and logistics
– Assist and train Rapid Response Team Health Center


Prevention and treatment of diarrhea

 – For first aid is recommended every family saving rehydration salts for diarrhea plus available. If the diarrhea does not stop immediately to the hospital, physician, or the nearest health center. In general, doctors prescribe antibiotics that contain sulfa to halt diarrhea. Help is desperately needed a doctor if diarrhea does not stop within 1-2 days.

Here are a variety of diarrhea requiring medical supervision.
Diarrhea in infants

Moderate or severe diarrhea in children
Diarrhea associated with blood
Diarrhea that continues for more than 2 weeks
Diarrhea that is associated with other common diseases such as abdominal pain, fever, and weight loss
Diarrhea in people traveling / leisure (possibility of infections such as parasites)
Diarrhea in institutions such as hospitals, child care, and mental health institutions

As for diarrhea in travelers usually occurs in those who consume food or beverages contaminated with bacteria, viruses, or parasites. The disease is often befall the people of developed countries who visit developing countries or countries with lower levels of hygiene at the place of origin. Besides diarrhea in travelers also often occurs in tourists who try to taste new foods that are unfamiliar. The result is a rejection of the stomach.

However, we do not have to worry too much if the diarrhea is because it usually can be cured by itself. Efforts to watch is if the cause prolonged diarrhea and dehydration. Once the symptoms of diarrhea immediately take anti-diarrheal drugs and restore the body fluids lost through drink.

Some common things that need to be considered to prevent this disease are as follows.
– Ensure food and beverages consumed are cooked. Bottled water safer than tap water.
– Avoid raw vegetables and fruit. Wash the fruit of the harbor with crystal clear water flowing.
– Avoid meat and raw or undercooked fish.
– To avoid drinks while milk or milk products that are not sterilized.

Treatment of diarrhea also can be done in other ways. One is to change what we eat. Some foods can cause diarrhea and other medications can help stop it.

Do not eat
– Dairy products (milk or cheese)
– Deep-fried cuisine
– Fatty foods including butter, margarine, or peanut oil
– Spicy Food
– Foods that contain lots of insoluble fiber. These include fruit or raw vegetables, bread wheat, corn, or the skin and seeds of fruits

Replace with the following food
– Bananas
– Rice
– Applesauce
– Cereals
– Grilled fresh bread or crackers
– Macaroni or noodles ordinary
– Boiled Eggs
– Oatmeal
– Mashed potatoes
– Yogurt (although these dairy products, food is partially digested by the bacteria used to make

The drugs used to treat diarrhea depends on its type. Doctors can not respond to drugs without him knowing treatments. Some drugs can be obtained without a prescription some of which are very good for diarrhea, including amino acid L-glutamine, bismuth sub salsilat, attapulgit and loperamide. Several other products are usually sold to treat constipation can also help with diarrhea. This product contains soluble fiber that adds to the amount of dirt and absorb water. These include products that contain psylium.

As an alternative therapy for diarrhea is to drink acidophilus capsules (which contain helpful bacteria). These capsules can restore normal digestion, especially when you are taking antibiotics. There was also some kind of yogurt that contains the ‘goodness of life “of acidophilus and work the same way.

Other drugs are peppermint, ginger and nutmeg considered daoat help with digestive problems. So peppermint or ginger tea or ginger ale are good choices for “clear liquids”. Also try adding nutmeg to your food or drink. Research shows that calcium tembahan helped relieve diarrhea in people taking nelfinavir. This might work for diarrhea caused by other drugs.

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