Benefits of Pomegranate

 – Pomegranates are from the country of Persia (now Iran) and the surrounding areas, and the Middle White Sea coast. Pomegranates are known in ancient times-carved painted carvings on the walls where idols and relics palaces. Ancient Egyptians knew the pomegranate with the name “arhamani” taken from the word Qibthi “armin-ramn”. The word is also taken from the Hebrew “ramun” and Arabic “Rumman”.

Pomegranates are a variety of sizes, shapes, color, sweetness, and acidity, as well as seed shape and color as revealed God: “… similar Delima (shape and color) and not the same (it)”, His Word, which reads; ” plants are a variety of fruit. “The best kind of pomegranate is the most red color, smooth skin, and the water a lot. It was narrated from Imam Ali bin Abi Talib RA said, “If you eat a pomegranate then eat it with oil-oil because it will clean the colon, and none of the pomegranate seeds that are in one’s stomach, but he would shine his heart and will mute demons for 40 days “.

Rasulullah SAW pomegranates qualifies as strengthening the heart beats, expel tapeworms, useful for dysentery, intestinal weakness, and eradicate tumors in the mucous membrane (mubosa) when dropped on the nose ditambahmadu. If the water (juice) taken with water and sugar or honey will cause mild diarrhea that serve to clean the respiratory tract and chest, blood cleansing, eliminating the remnants of rough on the intestines, and free of intestinal trouble, especially after eating fat.

Ibn Sina says that the pomegranate skin is useful to repel insects. Similarly, hard bones steam pomegranate. Please note that some land-birds, stored on a hard wood nest pomegranate so ama can not bully him.

Cooking pomegranate skin can be useful to boil pasta and pounding it with henna tree (henna), then smeared on a woman’s hair so hair will tend to be black, more powerful, more glitter daan. Cooking yield of pomegranate skin 50:60 gram in one liter for 4 hours, and drank one glass in the morning will destroy the tapeworms.

Pomegranates contain sweeteners 10.1%, 1% acid lemonade, 80.1% water, 2.9% alkaline water, 3% protein, 2.9 fiber. In addition, it also contains elements of spicy, bitter, vitamin A, B, and D, and contains a small amount of iron, phosphorus, sulfuric acid salts, calcium, potassium, and manganese. And degrees of oil in the seeds reaching 7-9%. Pomegranate skin can be used for tanning (dibagh) equate the color of the skin to strengthen.


Benefits of fruit tin

– tin Trees have been planted since 4000 years in the hot regions of Asia, Africa, and Europe and then spread to the White Sea region. Tin is used by the Pharaoh. Philosophers and physicians as well as Greek, Socrates mentions the word “tin” in his book “Al-Nabat Dirasat’An”. Also mentioned by Homer. Plato a philosopher he ate the fruit of Tin for which he dubbed “the belief of the philosophers”. Pieces of tin into the staple food for a wrestler or a Roman soldier.

Dried fig fruits contain 73% carbohydrates, 3% protein, and 2% oil. Besides, it also contains cleansing agents, substances jam (jelly), haram calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin A, B, C and K. Fruit is the most qualified tin tin tin white then green, then black tin, and tin are very mature.

Among the privileges tin adalag virtue lies in the combination at a time which is like pharmaceuticals. Tuin is a fruit that is rich with various kinds of sugar, salt, vitamins and can provide energy for sports. Also rich in enzymes (protein elements) digester, substances jam (jelly), warm the intestinal wall, paved the urinary tract. Tin is also a high-quality nutrition for children and the physically weak for adults, the elderly, and pregnant women. Too weak to resist the natural body, nerves, and stomach medicine, milk, constipation, fatigue and general illness, inflammation of the chest, urinary tract. Also used for wounds as an anti-gripping chest pain (angina pectoris) and inflammation of the mouth, ulcers, and ulcers.

Treatment in the following sections:
Enter a 100 gram tin of fruit. Then the water in a cold drink as an anti-chronic (many years), bronchitis, inflammation of the larynx, trachea, bronchial diseases. Tin of candied fruit are useful for patients with difficult digestion and constipation.

For the treatment of constipation as follows:
Cook 3-4 gram tin of fresh fruit cut into pieces and then put into a glass of milk and mixed with raisins 12. Then drink well before breakfast.

As for the external treatment:

Fresh water is already boiling tin is used to gargle to treat throat and gingivitis or acute inflammation of the mucous membranes of the larynx.
Tin is cooked in water or milk and then placed on boils, ulcers, burns, and dental pain.
Cut the branches into small tin and then applied to the skin of the nipple (wort) in the morning and eat. That is to expedite the milk water (ASI). Also the leaves if taken will help smooth milk as well.
People used to use a tin of milk to make cheese (butter) and they put on the rotten meat.

In each 100 gram tin produces 250 calories. He therefore viewed as quality food in the winter. But forbidden for people with diabetes, obesity and digestive difficulty.

Japanese people are able to prove the existence of the chemical composition of aroma “aldehydes” contained in the fruit tin, which is mentioned with “benzaldehyde” and has a medical power to fight the causes of cancer. Also found that there is a collection tin in fruit starch composition, called the collection “suralinza” hoops and functioning effectively to maintain the blood of various viruses and bacteria and parasites that cause inflammation of the spleen panyakit like viruses (hepatitis). This composition contained in the tin, as well as the syrup / juice and sweets.

Efficacy of garlic

– Based on the research and analysis to explain the content of garlic is composed of emergency oil vapor composition of 25% sulfuric acid salt, 40% protein, 2% oil (fat), also contains vitamins B, C, and E, contain minerals such as acid salts sulfur, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iodine, iron, potassium, sodium, manganese, and zinc. It also contains protida, phosphorus, oxides “al-allyl” and antibiotics. Acid salts of sulfur in garlic is seen as a wonderful antidote to the elements.

Modern research at Harvard University, USA Researchers at the there found that the cancerous tumor can not grow in the body unless there is a substance (material) is called cyclic mono phosphate guaanisine. They also found that resumes some plants prevent the formation of these compounds in vitro. Plant species in question, among others, red onion, cucumber, cucumber Egypt (qutsaa ‘), and cauliflower (cauliflowerlbrocoly). But they also found that garlic contains more in inhibiting the formation of these substances. Research has also shown that the use or eat garlic every day is expressed much less colon cancer. Similarly, the number of deaths caused by colon cancer is relatively much lower than countries that do not use garlic at all. With the percentage of deaths reached only 0.5 cases for every 100 thousand inhabitants of 40 cases per 100 thousand people.
Treatment with garlic:

– For the stomach (intestine), nausea, and vertigo (dizziness)
Method: Put three seeds of garlic, chopped into a glass of local milk and honey and drink before bed. Also taking habbat al-saudaa the cooked mixed with honey.

– Prevent Cancer
How To: Make a habit of eating a green salad mengkuk two seeds mixed with garlic. Many also eat honey bees, al-saudaa habbat, black grape juice, mulberries and fresh carrots.

– Prevent paralytic disease in children
Method: Puree the garlic and mix the seeds with the child’s milk. On the drink every day. Be careful to ignore protect water (sap) dadik have been made and their timing are determined.

– Treat goiter gland
Method: Oleskanlah seed garlic which has been cut every day after meals for one week. Also drink a tablespoon of olive oil in the morning and evening.

– Treating the disease typhus
Method: campurklah five seed garlic, chopped in a glass of warm milk with the local bee honey and drink before bed and put it on the patient’s spine and the edges smeared with garlic oil mixed with olive oil. In the morning the smell of garlic for 5 minutes.

– Treating wounds or ulcers
Method: grind garlic until finely crushed and then mixed with honey bee then bandaged the wound. You can also mix the garlic finely in warm water to clean the wound, it can kill bacteria and germs.

– Prevent the spread of cholera
How to: Consume one tablespoon of garlic that has been finely ground and one tablespoon of honey every finished eating. It would be more useful than serum is a quality recipe for stomach plague. Because garlic is one of the most powerful drug to prevent cholera and typhoid and stomach diseases and outbreaks (epidemics).

– Treating TB disease
How to: Inhale some of which have been peeled garlic and put in one liter of water. Lemudian cook over medium heat. When the steam rises breathe fumes. Do it every day. Saelain there are also other ways that take one bean garlic and cut into pieces and sip a little milk and then drink a half cup of honey bees. Done every day, it would be better if taken before breakfast each.

– Treat low blood pressure
Method: Drink a glass of local milk mixed with honey and a black bean garlic that had been cut. do it every day after dinner drink while reproduce fresh fruit juice.

– Restores stamina and vitality
Method: Take one ounce of crushed garlic, five chicken eggs, 1/2 tablespoon kemun (cumin), and a little salt, and sliced 4 ounces garlic and olive oil mix. Then the cook. After that eat the bread made from the original grain. Do it continuously until a few days.

Benefits of Ginger

 – Ginger is a plant species that has 324 kinds, among others, the important thing is ginger, turmeric, ginger, and cardamom / kardamanggu (cardamom). These are the types of scented plants originating from Southeast Asia wilayaah. First widely used by the Chinese and India as a spice and seasoning. Also known by Europeans in the early medieval period is popularly used as the primary drug throughout the ages. Ginger is mainly consumed as a medicine for people with a plague (bubonic plague) in the reign of Henry VIII in England.
According to the classical medical

Among the experts and doctors in general Greek popular ginger is used as a very useful drug. So that they use for treatment as a food ingredient for heart and stomach and into materials that can remove the sweat loss, especially in winter. Ginger is also widely used as a herb mixture into drugs and added angsana / sena (senna) to prevent nausea and shorten reduce nausea.

Ibn Al-Qayyim said, ginger is beneficial for digestion, smooth stomach, improving liver, gall symptoms due to cold water and humidity simultaneously and eliminates the wind (gas in the stomach). Generally ginger is used for gout drug, arthritis, and heal a hoarse voice.

Arab doctors used ginger to warm the body with warm-warm. Where ginger can cause feelings of warmth and a sense of warmth may last longer in the body. Help digest the food so as to soften the contents of the stomach. Beneficial from venomous poison. Useful for frostbite. Can serve as drug compresses (heating with heated cloth or penyekaan).

Ginger is also useful to open the blockage, the removal of phlegm mucus, and moisture damage and hidden in the hole. Ginger can also expel wind (farting). Streamlining the studs are up into the blood urat-urat/pembuluh and beneficial to the body.
According to modern medicine

The results of modern research explains that the roots (tubers) ginger contain dyes or solvents (chromosome), rated fat (epoxy), flour, oil vapor and odor brings a pleasant fragrance, it also contains non-oil rating of the issuing steam knogtgrass tree flavor that burn or scorch. Because of that ginger has a privilege to strengthen and cleanse and anti-fever. Droplets of water is good for eye treatment.

In the world of modern medicine ginger is used to widen the reach of the blood and increases levels of sweat in the winter and a warm feeling, soften the hot weather. In cooking, ginger mixed with meat sauce, mushrooms, and which contain vinegar so the smell of cooking can be tasty. Ginger drinks consumed by women when menstruation comes also made into cakes as a prescription for the treatment of chest diseases.

Ginger contains 1-4% volatile oil and oleoresin. Red ginger rhizome contains a volatile oil consisting of zingeberin, kamfena, lemonin, zingiberen, zingiberal, gingeral, and shogaol which cause some stinging. Content, namely, oil resins, starch, organic acids, malic acid, aksolat, and gingerin.

Rhizome of ginger is widely used as a liniment for gout, and headaches. In addition, ginger is believed to warm the body, shed sweat, increase appetite, and preventing and treating colds. Ginger is also useful for back pain, bronchitis, treat headaches, stomach aches, sore throat, relieve asthma, muscle pain, allergies, menstrual pain, and a myriad of other properties. Ginger is believed to improve blood circulation, boost immunity, warm, anti-inflammatory and appetite enhancer. Ginger is very well taken for women who are menstruating.

Benefits of wheat

– Talbinah is an extract derived from wheat flour with the peel. Grains include foods that are used from time immemorial to the present as a staple food. Many have thought that wheat land in Asia is the source of the type of wheat grown in the Americas. Wheat flour bread became a staple until the 16th century. Then the wheat became the major crop-rich countries. Past human being convinced of wheat as an ingredient to keep the fruit from decay and damage and then if the wine is stored in a wheat tandannya will not mambusuk and can be eaten every day as a special passage. Epicurus is referred to as the first time in medical menggukannya, she cooked wheat to patients with inflammation and fever as well as sedatives and softeners.

Levels between 60-66% carbohydrate, protein 9.7% to 15.57%, fat 1.28 to 2.66%, in addition to fiber levels and some acid betaglucagon also contain estrol. Modern experiments have proved that wheat flour has health benefits such as reducing cholesterol, reducing pain colon cancer, and stomach disease, diabetes and can reduce blood pressure and lipid levels.

Wheat and substance melatonin: Melatonin is a hormone that comes out of the tiny glands / organs in animals, teradapat on the back of the eye and the top, and he came out at night. The more human age betambah the less spending. The importance of melatonin to humans is as a cleaner gastric disease, reduce cholesterol in the blood, works to reduce blood pressure and vomiting due to Parkinson’s disease, can increase the body’s immune and sleeping sickness due to shocks, it also works to slow the symptoms of aging.

The international community has a concern on this melatonin. Then they produce and is marketed in tablet form at a great price. But how quickly the tablet of melatonin produced from this substance was brought harmful effects. Surprisingly bahawa melatonin substances are present in wheat naturally and completely harmless. Therefore, taking such as bread wheat and dairy ingredients have been replaced kekurangn this vital substance.

– Strengthening the stomach muscles and nerves
– Softens, and helps digestion memperlembab
– Generating the kidneys and renew energy
– Anti-diarrhea

Wheat treat the following diseases

Chest diseases (tuberculosis and hard plek years)
Weak body and slow the growth of the child, weak stomach, liver, bile and remove water
Inflammatory disease of the urinary tract, bladder, and kidney inflammation
High blood pressure

How to use the rice grain

The outside or the inside of the grain soaked in water 20 g for 30 min and then filtered. The water can be drink, food, moisture, or softeners.
Using the same levels of grain, wheat, and corn seeds, nuts hums, fennel beans, and soybeans. One tablespoon of each type are cured with three liters of water over medium heat for 3 hours and used as food.
Wheat flour is mixed with vinegar is useful for sore shoulders.
Cooking oats can be used as a mouthwash.
Drinking water that wheat makes sleep because it’s good mixed salad.
Wheat flour is used as an ingredient for inflammatory skin conditions.

Japan, China, Russia, Turkey, the United States, and Europe widened major manufacturers. These countries have used it to produce some kind of beverage alcohol, and some of the medical composition of the fiber as a food patients in hospitals.

Way of slimming

 – For women or men who found the buried body parts such as belly fat that is actually reasonable because fat can help when you are deficient in carbohydrates. Usually a lot of people say it is because lack of exercise or the amount of fat consumed to accumulate in your body. But for those of you who feel disturbed or uncomfortable maybe these tips can help you in dealing with the problem.

There are several ways you can take to cope with the hoards of fat in the abdomen. The first way is by diet, exercise the second way, a third way to use the traditional way. But there is also the use of fat sdot but this will be so much the better side efk using all three ways.

To diet alone do not imagine eating less or fasting membuah extra so your body can be weak or even faint. However dietlah normally by eating foods that help your diet program. Better to avoid foods that contain fat until a few weeks beforehand. For the replacement of fruits and vegetables. Also do not eat less, eat appropriate portions that you think are not quite satisfied “glut”. It is better to eat three times a day according to your portion, and do not let you eat snacks because snacks will not help in your diet program is.

Exercise alone can provide so many benefits, in addition to health and beauty exercise can also be beneficial to your diet program that fat in particular as it burned. To exercise is also not too heavy but you focused with perceived exercise can help mambakar fat in certain parts. Just as if there is fat on your stomach better workout with sit-up movement is more beneficial to burn belly fat. Well if you already know which parts of which are felt to do a lot of fat should exercise according to your needs. One thing is good exercise for all the sports jog or called jogging and swimming.
The traditional way

A. First
– Lime 1 teaspoon of betel wet
– Eucalyptus oil 1 teaspoon
– Lime juice to taste

How to:
These three kinds of materials are mixed even become one continues to be applied in areas that are fat until evenly distributed. Wait until dry when I wear a corset or a dry cloth to wrap setagen on the part of your body a few hours.

B. Second
One cup of bitter tea water mixed with lime juice to taste continues to be taken regularly 2 times a day.

C. Third
For the third is by consuming green tea regularly 2 times a day to see the results.

For all the ways that we have discussed above should use it for better results and faster. For that we need a serious program so you can see the results later. Maybe in a few weeks will see the results, but should avoid taking drugs for your diet program because the program is on it’s included if you had worked seriously. Different if you use certain drugs that can affect your health

Hypertension is

 – high blood pressure or hypertension is a condition called a person where there is a process with a chronic increase in blood pressure over a period of time. In general, due to the narrowing of blood vessels so the heart in pumping and sucking (sucking) is too heavy. The more severe the heart to pump less and less blood flow smoothly throughout the body to the body including the brain.

The heart pump is measured by a unit of measurement is called systole. Cardiac Diastole suck up to the size of the unit MHG (Mili Hidrar Girum).

Someone ditensi show:
140/90 means systolic 140/mHg 90/mHg diastole.
Tension with normal size as follows:
Tension with normal size Age Blood Pressure
Adult 120/80 MHG
Old 140/90 MHG
Maximum limit of male 200/100 MHG
Maximal limit women’s 180/100 MHG

This means that if someone is having blood pressure above the maximum, is to be treated intensively with hospitalization. Because if too late to experience the bad effects of the stroke (paralysis, merot lips, and hard to talk). Can be even longer name paras brain hemorrhage.

Patients will be unconscious (coma) that diastolenya above 100/mHg eg 170/110, one must be careful. Diastole because 110 is the heart enlarged with a sense of shortness of breath, always will be angry, the body feels limp and stagger (always want to fall). Under these conditions, or if the drive is still very dangerous berejalan distance, can fall and instantly paralyzed.

The main cause

a. Trigleserida

Trigleserida fat is lodged in an artery or arteries and in veins (veins). The normal price Trigleserida 172. This fat comes from the innards, peanuts, chips, nuts and coconut milk. If this Trigleserida example 240 means the clot has been fat clog arteries, by itself taboo in the pump and suck hard. Or in other words the person is infected with high blood pressure (hypertension). To maintain health we should be above the age of 45 years had dared to reduce these foods.
b. Colesterol

Normal price:
250 men
Women 200

Collisions are clustered fat is the new glands in the body. If the surplus is very disturbing blood circulation. These fats come from all over meat and lard, as well as from all the greasy foods such as fried foods, fish, milk, peanuts, etc..
c. Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR)

LEDs means the blood is very viscous (thick) should be diluted. Of course, if the circulating blood was so thick it is traveling very slowly and very heavy heart in pumping. Blood viscosity is caused by alcohol, liquor, and beverages or foods containing preservatives, dyes, saccharin, and other chemicals.

Fruits are high levels of alcohol are: tape, pineapple, jackfruit, durian, Klengkeng, and wine. For someone who is suffering from high blood pressure are strictly forbidden to eat these fruits. Drinks also contain chemicals that are another example that contain soda.

It can be ascertained whether teenage drinkers and parents have the emotional temperament, irritable, violent and irritable. For people with high blood pressure fruits and drink of the above should really be prevented.
d. Thickening of blood vessel walls

The thickened blood vessel walls resulting in a hole / penampungnya be narrowed. Constriction of blood vessels makes jantng too heavy pumping. Blood vessel wall thickening is caused by prolonged stress, disappointment, hold anger, and anguish long enough.

For patients who have high blood pressure due to thickening of blood vessels are usually thin keadaanya. So overweight people are not necessarily always have high blood pressure, otherwise thin people can also be affected by this disease.
e. For the other

In the brains of patients there was a lump (tumor)
Patients with diabetes mellitus (diabetes) that have a lot of complications of hypertension
Kidneys no longer function

f. Red blood cells were irregular

Red blood cells can change shape from round to irregular marbles such as: square, triangle, oval eggs, etc.. If the item cells of blood into the heart becomes irregular work due to severe blood cells journey becomes smooth. Heart pumping and sucking in great need of pressure. For the cause of salt because it is patients with hypertension should reduce salt include eat-foods preserved with salt such as salted fish, salted eggs, pndang, milk, vegetables, salty (from salted cabbage)
Complaints or symptoms of high blood pressure

– Head feels dizzy and felt the weight
– The back of the neck is stiff, pegel, and dizziness
– It’s hard to sleep
– Emotional (easily angered)
– Feeling like semuten
– If diastolic above 100 shortness of breath nausea stomach
– Heart palpitations are often
– The eyes and the look on his face became red