Benefits of Pomegranate

 – Pomegranates are from the country of Persia (now Iran) and the surrounding areas, and the Middle White Sea coast. Pomegranates are known in ancient times-carved painted carvings on the walls where idols and relics palaces. Ancient Egyptians knew the pomegranate with the name “arhamani” taken from the word Qibthi “armin-ramn”. The word is also taken from the Hebrew “ramun” and Arabic “Rumman”.

Pomegranates are a variety of sizes, shapes, color, sweetness, and acidity, as well as seed shape and color as revealed God: “… similar Delima (shape and color) and not the same (it)”, His Word, which reads; ” plants are a variety of fruit. “The best kind of pomegranate is the most red color, smooth skin, and the water a lot. It was narrated from Imam Ali bin Abi Talib RA said, “If you eat a pomegranate then eat it with oil-oil because it will clean the colon, and none of the pomegranate seeds that are in one’s stomach, but he would shine his heart and will mute demons for 40 days “.

Rasulullah SAW pomegranates qualifies as strengthening the heart beats, expel tapeworms, useful for dysentery, intestinal weakness, and eradicate tumors in the mucous membrane (mubosa) when dropped on the nose ditambahmadu. If the water (juice) taken with water and sugar or honey will cause mild diarrhea that serve to clean the respiratory tract and chest, blood cleansing, eliminating the remnants of rough on the intestines, and free of intestinal trouble, especially after eating fat.

Ibn Sina says that the pomegranate skin is useful to repel insects. Similarly, hard bones steam pomegranate. Please note that some land-birds, stored on a hard wood nest pomegranate so ama can not bully him.

Cooking pomegranate skin can be useful to boil pasta and pounding it with henna tree (henna), then smeared on a woman’s hair so hair will tend to be black, more powerful, more glitter daan. Cooking yield of pomegranate skin 50:60 gram in one liter for 4 hours, and drank one glass in the morning will destroy the tapeworms.

Pomegranates contain sweeteners 10.1%, 1% acid lemonade, 80.1% water, 2.9% alkaline water, 3% protein, 2.9 fiber. In addition, it also contains elements of spicy, bitter, vitamin A, B, and D, and contains a small amount of iron, phosphorus, sulfuric acid salts, calcium, potassium, and manganese. And degrees of oil in the seeds reaching 7-9%. Pomegranate skin can be used for tanning (dibagh) equate the color of the skin to strengthen.


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