Benefits of wheat

– Talbinah is an extract derived from wheat flour with the peel. Grains include foods that are used from time immemorial to the present as a staple food. Many have thought that wheat land in Asia is the source of the type of wheat grown in the Americas. Wheat flour bread became a staple until the 16th century. Then the wheat became the major crop-rich countries. Past human being convinced of wheat as an ingredient to keep the fruit from decay and damage and then if the wine is stored in a wheat tandannya will not mambusuk and can be eaten every day as a special passage. Epicurus is referred to as the first time in medical menggukannya, she cooked wheat to patients with inflammation and fever as well as sedatives and softeners.

Levels between 60-66% carbohydrate, protein 9.7% to 15.57%, fat 1.28 to 2.66%, in addition to fiber levels and some acid betaglucagon also contain estrol. Modern experiments have proved that wheat flour has health benefits such as reducing cholesterol, reducing pain colon cancer, and stomach disease, diabetes and can reduce blood pressure and lipid levels.

Wheat and substance melatonin: Melatonin is a hormone that comes out of the tiny glands / organs in animals, teradapat on the back of the eye and the top, and he came out at night. The more human age betambah the less spending. The importance of melatonin to humans is as a cleaner gastric disease, reduce cholesterol in the blood, works to reduce blood pressure and vomiting due to Parkinson’s disease, can increase the body’s immune and sleeping sickness due to shocks, it also works to slow the symptoms of aging.

The international community has a concern on this melatonin. Then they produce and is marketed in tablet form at a great price. But how quickly the tablet of melatonin produced from this substance was brought harmful effects. Surprisingly bahawa melatonin substances are present in wheat naturally and completely harmless. Therefore, taking such as bread wheat and dairy ingredients have been replaced kekurangn this vital substance.

– Strengthening the stomach muscles and nerves
– Softens, and helps digestion memperlembab
– Generating the kidneys and renew energy
– Anti-diarrhea

Wheat treat the following diseases

Chest diseases (tuberculosis and hard plek years)
Weak body and slow the growth of the child, weak stomach, liver, bile and remove water
Inflammatory disease of the urinary tract, bladder, and kidney inflammation
High blood pressure

How to use the rice grain

The outside or the inside of the grain soaked in water 20 g for 30 min and then filtered. The water can be drink, food, moisture, or softeners.
Using the same levels of grain, wheat, and corn seeds, nuts hums, fennel beans, and soybeans. One tablespoon of each type are cured with three liters of water over medium heat for 3 hours and used as food.
Wheat flour is mixed with vinegar is useful for sore shoulders.
Cooking oats can be used as a mouthwash.
Drinking water that wheat makes sleep because it’s good mixed salad.
Wheat flour is used as an ingredient for inflammatory skin conditions.

Japan, China, Russia, Turkey, the United States, and Europe widened major manufacturers. These countries have used it to produce some kind of beverage alcohol, and some of the medical composition of the fiber as a food patients in hospitals.


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