Efficacy of garlic

– Based on the research and analysis to explain the content of garlic is composed of emergency oil vapor composition of 25% sulfuric acid salt, 40% protein, 2% oil (fat), also contains vitamins B, C, and E, contain minerals such as acid salts sulfur, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, iodine, iron, potassium, sodium, manganese, and zinc. It also contains protida, phosphorus, oxides “al-allyl” and antibiotics. Acid salts of sulfur in garlic is seen as a wonderful antidote to the elements.

Modern research at Harvard University, USA Researchers at the there found that the cancerous tumor can not grow in the body unless there is a substance (material) is called cyclic mono phosphate guaanisine. They also found that resumes some plants prevent the formation of these compounds in vitro. Plant species in question, among others, red onion, cucumber, cucumber Egypt (qutsaa ‘), and cauliflower (cauliflowerlbrocoly). But they also found that garlic contains more in inhibiting the formation of these substances. Research has also shown that the use or eat garlic every day is expressed much less colon cancer. Similarly, the number of deaths caused by colon cancer is relatively much lower than countries that do not use garlic at all. With the percentage of deaths reached only 0.5 cases for every 100 thousand inhabitants of 40 cases per 100 thousand people.
Treatment with garlic:

– For the stomach (intestine), nausea, and vertigo (dizziness)
Method: Put three seeds of garlic, chopped into a glass of local milk and honey and drink before bed. Also taking habbat al-saudaa the cooked mixed with honey.

– Prevent Cancer
How To: Make a habit of eating a green salad mengkuk two seeds mixed with garlic. Many also eat honey bees, al-saudaa habbat, black grape juice, mulberries and fresh carrots.

– Prevent paralytic disease in children
Method: Puree the garlic and mix the seeds with the child’s milk. On the drink every day. Be careful to ignore protect water (sap) dadik have been made and their timing are determined.

– Treat goiter gland
Method: Oleskanlah seed garlic which has been cut every day after meals for one week. Also drink a tablespoon of olive oil in the morning and evening.

– Treating the disease typhus
Method: campurklah five seed garlic, chopped in a glass of warm milk with the local bee honey and drink before bed and put it on the patient’s spine and the edges smeared with garlic oil mixed with olive oil. In the morning the smell of garlic for 5 minutes.

– Treating wounds or ulcers
Method: grind garlic until finely crushed and then mixed with honey bee then bandaged the wound. You can also mix the garlic finely in warm water to clean the wound, it can kill bacteria and germs.

– Prevent the spread of cholera
How to: Consume one tablespoon of garlic that has been finely ground and one tablespoon of honey every finished eating. It would be more useful than serum is a quality recipe for stomach plague. Because garlic is one of the most powerful drug to prevent cholera and typhoid and stomach diseases and outbreaks (epidemics).

– Treating TB disease
How to: Inhale some of which have been peeled garlic and put in one liter of water. Lemudian cook over medium heat. When the steam rises breathe fumes. Do it every day. Saelain there are also other ways that take one bean garlic and cut into pieces and sip a little milk and then drink a half cup of honey bees. Done every day, it would be better if taken before breakfast each.

– Treat low blood pressure
Method: Drink a glass of local milk mixed with honey and a black bean garlic that had been cut. do it every day after dinner drink while reproduce fresh fruit juice.

– Restores stamina and vitality
Method: Take one ounce of crushed garlic, five chicken eggs, 1/2 tablespoon kemun (cumin), and a little salt, and sliced 4 ounces garlic and olive oil mix. Then the cook. After that eat the bread made from the original grain. Do it continuously until a few days.


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