Hypertension is

 – high blood pressure or hypertension is a condition called a person where there is a process with a chronic increase in blood pressure over a period of time. In general, due to the narrowing of blood vessels so the heart in pumping and sucking (sucking) is too heavy. The more severe the heart to pump less and less blood flow smoothly throughout the body to the body including the brain.

The heart pump is measured by a unit of measurement is called systole. Cardiac Diastole suck up to the size of the unit MHG (Mili Hidrar Girum).

Someone ditensi show:
140/90 means systolic 140/mHg 90/mHg diastole.
Tension with normal size as follows:
Tension with normal size Age Blood Pressure
Adult 120/80 MHG
Old 140/90 MHG
Maximum limit of male 200/100 MHG
Maximal limit women’s 180/100 MHG

This means that if someone is having blood pressure above the maximum, is to be treated intensively with hospitalization. Because if too late to experience the bad effects of the stroke (paralysis, merot lips, and hard to talk). Can be even longer name paras brain hemorrhage.

Patients will be unconscious (coma) that diastolenya above 100/mHg eg 170/110, one must be careful. Diastole because 110 is the heart enlarged with a sense of shortness of breath, always will be angry, the body feels limp and stagger (always want to fall). Under these conditions, or if the drive is still very dangerous berejalan distance, can fall and instantly paralyzed.

The main cause

a. Trigleserida

Trigleserida fat is lodged in an artery or arteries and in veins (veins). The normal price Trigleserida 172. This fat comes from the innards, peanuts, chips, nuts and coconut milk. If this Trigleserida example 240 means the clot has been fat clog arteries, by itself taboo in the pump and suck hard. Or in other words the person is infected with high blood pressure (hypertension). To maintain health we should be above the age of 45 years had dared to reduce these foods.
b. Colesterol

Normal price:
250 men
Women 200

Collisions are clustered fat is the new glands in the body. If the surplus is very disturbing blood circulation. These fats come from all over meat and lard, as well as from all the greasy foods such as fried foods, fish, milk, peanuts, etc..
c. Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR)

LEDs means the blood is very viscous (thick) should be diluted. Of course, if the circulating blood was so thick it is traveling very slowly and very heavy heart in pumping. Blood viscosity is caused by alcohol, liquor, and beverages or foods containing preservatives, dyes, saccharin, and other chemicals.

Fruits are high levels of alcohol are: tape, pineapple, jackfruit, durian, Klengkeng, and wine. For someone who is suffering from high blood pressure are strictly forbidden to eat these fruits. Drinks also contain chemicals that are another example that contain soda.

It can be ascertained whether teenage drinkers and parents have the emotional temperament, irritable, violent and irritable. For people with high blood pressure fruits and drink of the above should really be prevented.
d. Thickening of blood vessel walls

The thickened blood vessel walls resulting in a hole / penampungnya be narrowed. Constriction of blood vessels makes jantng too heavy pumping. Blood vessel wall thickening is caused by prolonged stress, disappointment, hold anger, and anguish long enough.

For patients who have high blood pressure due to thickening of blood vessels are usually thin keadaanya. So overweight people are not necessarily always have high blood pressure, otherwise thin people can also be affected by this disease.
e. For the other

In the brains of patients there was a lump (tumor)
Patients with diabetes mellitus (diabetes) that have a lot of complications of hypertension
Kidneys no longer function

f. Red blood cells were irregular

Red blood cells can change shape from round to irregular marbles such as: square, triangle, oval eggs, etc.. If the item cells of blood into the heart becomes irregular work due to severe blood cells journey becomes smooth. Heart pumping and sucking in great need of pressure. For the cause of salt because it is patients with hypertension should reduce salt include eat-foods preserved with salt such as salted fish, salted eggs, pndang, milk, vegetables, salty (from salted cabbage)
Complaints or symptoms of high blood pressure

– Head feels dizzy and felt the weight
– The back of the neck is stiff, pegel, and dizziness
– It’s hard to sleep
– Emotional (easily angered)
– Feeling like semuten
– If diastolic above 100 shortness of breath nausea stomach
– Heart palpitations are often
– The eyes and the look on his face became red


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