Way of slimming

 – For women or men who found the buried body parts such as belly fat that is actually reasonable because fat can help when you are deficient in carbohydrates. Usually a lot of people say it is because lack of exercise or the amount of fat consumed to accumulate in your body. But for those of you who feel disturbed or uncomfortable maybe these tips can help you in dealing with the problem.

There are several ways you can take to cope with the hoards of fat in the abdomen. The first way is by diet, exercise the second way, a third way to use the traditional way. But there is also the use of fat sdot but this will be so much the better side efk using all three ways.

To diet alone do not imagine eating less or fasting membuah extra so your body can be weak or even faint. However dietlah normally by eating foods that help your diet program. Better to avoid foods that contain fat until a few weeks beforehand. For the replacement of fruits and vegetables. Also do not eat less, eat appropriate portions that you think are not quite satisfied “glut”. It is better to eat three times a day according to your portion, and do not let you eat snacks because snacks will not help in your diet program is.

Exercise alone can provide so many benefits, in addition to health and beauty exercise can also be beneficial to your diet program that fat in particular as it burned. To exercise is also not too heavy but you focused with perceived exercise can help mambakar fat in certain parts. Just as if there is fat on your stomach better workout with sit-up movement is more beneficial to burn belly fat. Well if you already know which parts of which are felt to do a lot of fat should exercise according to your needs. One thing is good exercise for all the sports jog or called jogging and swimming.
The traditional way

A. First
– Lime 1 teaspoon of betel wet
– Eucalyptus oil 1 teaspoon
– Lime juice to taste

How to:
These three kinds of materials are mixed even become one continues to be applied in areas that are fat until evenly distributed. Wait until dry when I wear a corset or a dry cloth to wrap setagen on the part of your body a few hours.

B. Second
One cup of bitter tea water mixed with lime juice to taste continues to be taken regularly 2 times a day.

C. Third
For the third is by consuming green tea regularly 2 times a day to see the results.

For all the ways that we have discussed above should use it for better results and faster. For that we need a serious program so you can see the results later. Maybe in a few weeks will see the results, but should avoid taking drugs for your diet program because the program is on it’s included if you had worked seriously. Different if you use certain drugs that can affect your health


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