Beauty Tips for Women Lazy make up

Lip gloss is said will help to illuminate your skin.

Often lazy to get up early to take the time to bermake up in front of the mirror? You are not alone, most women are reluctant to take the time berias before going on the move.

However, for those who want to stay beautiful but lazy bermake up, there are tips to enhance your express themselves without having to re-seal the makeup. Make up can be applied before you move and can last longer without having to repeat many times to make up.

The following quick tips bermake up for a lazy woman dressed as quoted from Shine:

Color Long Lasting Lipstick

Most women who do not like dressing up, usually still like to apply the lipstick on the lips. That lipstick color stay attached throughout the day, without having to repeatedly use it, there are tips that can be followed.

Before applying lipstick color, it is better to apply foundation on the lips. Foundation can make long-lasting lip color lipstick on all day.
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properties of lime for beauty

Apparently loads usefulness Lime ladies you know … One of them

black stain on the face and eliminating acne is stubborn … definitely uncomfortable and not confident so if there are pimples on the face … ngeselin nemplok emang really …
ya I have a beautiful tips of lemon juice … it is very – very easy
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Natural White and Clear with Lime

Everyone has a different skin color. Genetic factors are usually the more dominant influence of one’s skin color. Other factors could also be due to climate and weather.

Facial skin is someone the most important by women. How to make a face that looks white and clean and attractive to the treatment of a doctor, disalon beauty, and home care.
With lemon skin can become more white and fresh. Orange juice is also rich in nutrients such as substance biflanid, atsirilimonen oil, as

am citric, acetic linalin, and fellandren that can cure the disease cough, reduce fever, and make sound merdu.Kandungan Vitamin C in orange juice makes your skin smooth and white, toned, and brighten the skin.

A. Able to consume orange juice, vitamin C so it can be absorbed by the body to its full potential.
2. Rub lemon slices on your face or skin is desired rutih every day.

‚ÄčNatural mask of papaya


Papaya puree in a blender add 1 tablespoon of honey. Apply on clean face that has been in before. Wait about 20-30 minutes then wash with clean water. Papaya berkhasiay to rejuvenate the skin, since this fruit can prevent wrinkles on your face and remove dead skin cells. Apply once a week to get his usefulness.