Beauty tips natural face and skin

There are some traditional medicine to get rid of acne the stars out. One natural way is to use fruit and vegetables. Yup hopefully the following ways to help treat acne destructive grandstanding handsome face / Your Beauty’s.

Save as described above:

Drugs remove the skin disease is actually just use a vegetable fruits atauapun using vitamin C. You can use it as a natural mask to your face. So remember there are beauty tips from five other countries menggunakancara like this.


Of some star searching through google om this reason why fruits vitamin c can be used as traditional medicine in dealing with acne! This is because the face has acne skin was generally PH tongue. Causing bacteria P. Acne will breed with the craze.

To eliminate the alkaline pH can be acidic fruits and vegetables using the mendangung vit c. Be vitamin c fruit and vegetables can be a traditional and natural medicine.

What should be used as a mask? You also can not apply it to the acne naturally you.

But yes it is if you choose to use traditional medicine, it takes a long time so that your face looks natural and does not have acne. In addition you also have to eliminate everything that can make your face exposed to impurities such as cosmetics that are dense and oily.


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