Benefits and Benefits of Olive Oil

Since ancient times, olive oil has the property to maintain the beauty. Fashion designer Sophia Loren gave the world the benefits of her beauty secrets with this substance. And the beauty tips below are all using olive oil as its main ingredient.

5 Benefits of Olive Oil for Beauty

A. Scrub
Combine salt, sugar and olive oil and use as a scrub. Benefits to be gained, in addition to be peeling off dead skin cells, skin is more tender and moist.

2. hair care
Olive oil has the benefit to moisturize dry hair and benar2 recommended for those who have thick hair to soften the stiff hair. The trick, add the olive oil with a warm towel and leave for 20 minutes, then wash. And Khasia be directly visible

3. face masks
Olive oil has its benefits and efficacy as an anti-aging mask. Rub olive oil on the face but still avoiding eye area. After one minute, remove with warm water.

4. Hand and nail care
Another property that is rubbed olive oil on your hands and nails make nails healthier.

5. softens the skin
Use olive oil on the feet to securing the following benefits to soften and smooth the skin before bed. Wear socks that soak olives perfect. Make routine use of soft and smooth feet.

It turned out a lot of beauty tips that take advantage of remarkable properties of olive oil. Either let alone the benefits to be derived from this oil.


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