Efficacy and benefits of honey

Honey has many benefits and health benefits from starting up with beauty. Besides the sweet than sugar, lots of experts around the world already membutikkan how extraordinary benefits of honey.

But remember it is the honey must be completely original, If it is mixed by the chemicals. Of the properties will be minor, or even worse actually be toxic. Not the benefits that we can now actually drink honey but poison. Could have brabe,

So be sure to buy honey wrote. Well here are some benefits of honey that stars know:

The first benefit is able to lower blood glucose levels of diabetics because of the element of antioxidants that make it easier assimilation of sugar in the blood so blood sugar does not seem high. Honey kayavitamin nutrients B1, B5, and C in which people with diabetes in desperate need of these vitamins. A small spoonful of pure natural honey will add up quickly and the large content of sugar in the blood, so it will stimulate the cells of the pancreas to produce insulin. Diabetics should first blood analysis to determine the dose that allowed him under the supervision of a physician ..
Help the baby’s brain development, because every day the brain continues to develop until the age of 5 years. For that he needs the original high nutrition. Exceptional properties not
Treating burns efficacy. Honey has anti-inflammatory process specification (anti-inflammatory activity).
Benefits to Increase appetite Children (of any element of a complete vitamin B in honey), and accelerated physical growth so that children grow up healthy, lively and cheerful as well as disease resistance. (H.Mohamad, 2002).
Restore stamina from exhaustion and stress.
Strengthen a weak fetus in the womb (uterus).
Help maintain stamina and health of pregnant women because it provides a high nutrient intake for healthy fetal growth during pregnancy and it’s real you know
Beneficial to prevent the occurrence of inflammatory bowel (colitis), gastritis and peptic ulcers. Honey is a good role to protect the colon from the wounds inflicted by the acetic acid used to help treat infections and stomach (gastritis). At levels of 20% honey can weaken pylori bacteria that causes peptic ulcers in a petri dish.
Highly nutritious native, soften the body’s natural systems, eliminating the unpleasant taste of drugs, liver cleanse, facilitate urination, suitable for treating cough with phlegm. Savor the fruits dipped in honey can last up to six months
Even has a genuine benefit to the teeth, if used to whiten teeth can bersikat and healthy teeth and gums, treat canker sores and other mouth disorders.
By using a liquid yield of 90% honey (honey mixed with warm water) every two days at the infected parts of the head, massaged gently for 2-3 minutes, honey can kill the lice, eliminates dandruff, hair lengthening, beautify and soften and cure diseases of the scalp.
The best authentic food that is needed for seniors who have started to decrease digestive organ function, because honey is a source of energy and nutrients can be absorbed directly by the body.
Honey mixed with habbatus Seed that has been crushed after a mixed dough made of hot water and then be taken regularly for days to destroy kidney stones and bladder stones, smoothen urine, menstruation and breast milk

How amazing is not the benefits and efficacy of which is owned by honey. Then indeed we should get used to living healthy with honey drink every day. Nothing to lose really …. not only from excessive drinking


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