Health Care Tips Skin

In beauty care skin health is imperative, especially for women. Well for this here are some tips that can help you in health care, especially in the skin. Taken from various reliable sources …
Before you know your skin type …. especially the face

Permaslahan also depends on the type of facial skin. There is an oily, with the characteristics of continuous discharge of oil on the face around the forehead, nose, chin (the term “T”), and the cheek at the bottom of the cheekbone. In general, this type of skin covered with acne easily.

For this type of health tips, then cucumber can help overcome them. This nutritious fruit smoothes and relaxes the skin, helps relieve the pores and remove impurities from the skin. Thus acne can be prevented. In addition to cucumbers, tomatoes can also help restore the balance of oil on oily skin, so the face is always fresh and natural.

The second type of skin is dry skin. Usually, the skin looks dull or glossy, sometimes feels tense (interested), scaly, and itchy. State biscuits pores often appear withered and rough, and wrinkled, making it look older than actual age. Fruit is good for consumption for this type of skin dalah carrots *. Vitamin A in carrots is required for maintenance of epithelial tissue (tissue that is the skin surface). Carotene contained in carrots is also a function to keep the skin moist, slow down wrinkles on the face, and always make the face look radiant. In addition, pineapple can also be your alternative. in health, this fruit contains a substance that functions sum up the pores so skin looks smooth.

Another case with normal skin types. In between these two types of skin before, the ideal is normal skin types. This type of skin is not oily nor dry. In addition, the texture is smooth and feels soft to the touch. For this type of skin health, an avocado can be your choice. Avocado mask to help care for normal skin types. Therefore, the high fat content that can moisturize the skin and protects skin from the effects of sunlight
Maintaining Healthy Skin by Age

Protect your skin at the age of 20
Age of 20 is when the skin in the best condition. Controlled because the sebaceous glands at the age of androgens is indeed balanced. Epidermal layer whose function is also very well hold water so the skin looks supple.

This is the best time to treat the skin and find the most suitable product. Proper skin care at the early age of 20-pm useful to maintain the beauty and skin health in later life. Usually at this age the skin does not have a chronic problem. So, skin care generally focus on protecting the skin from a variety of disorders.

Well, to treat the skin at the age of 20, use a mild type of product, such as a gentle facial cleanser. Although soft, make sure the cleaning is also able to remove impurities and dead skin cells as well as moisturize. To maximize the cleanliness of the skin, choose toner that brightens the face and work to rebalance the pH of the skin.

Meanwhile, for the health of sensitive and oily skin, choose toner which can treat and soothe irritated skin, regulate oil levels, and prevent skin damage. In order to maintain youthful skin, choose products that contain collagen and elastin. For moisturizer, choose water-based and contains SPF 15 sunscreen to prevent skin from the effects of solar radiation.

In addition to beauty products supported, the amount of collagen in the skin can also be enhanced by consuming vegetables and fruits. Should increase intake of fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin C and E. Foods rich in vitamin C and E in between orange, guava, mango, broccoli. At this age, you should avoid doing with the use of chemical peeling. If want to try peeling, you should use natural materials such as applying canpuran yogurt and oatmeal so good in health.

Beware of premature aging of the age of 30
Premature aging is a common problem that often occurs in the skin at the age of 30. Natural collagen production begins to decline. As a result, skin begins to smooth wrinkles and relax because there is more elastic.

Sun exposure a major cause of health problems of premature aging, outside factors like stress or unhealthy habits such as smoking or consuming alcohol. However, among the various causes, the sun has contributed greatly to the aging of skin. Sunlight worsens the condition of the dermis. In the dermis there is elastin and collagen. The sun’s rays can cause damaged elastin and collagen fibers that trigger premature aging.

The characteristics of premature aging, among others, appeared at the end of eye wrinkles, dark spots arise, and get dry skin because the epidermis is damaged, so it can not hold much water evaporates.

To treat the skin in their 30s, use a cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen as a daily skin care. Consumption of foods also contain antioxidants such as vitamins A, B, C and E. These vitamins and a variety of powerful antioxidants that will help the skin from free radical attack and help repair the skin naturally. That way, keep skin healthy and moist.

When choosing skin care health products, you should select the products containing the polyhydroxy acids (PHAs). The content of PHAs can assist the formation of new skin cells and improve skin softness. As well as lighten the skin so it looks younger.

The 30s, takes extra care for the skin. Of whom perform microdermabrasion treatments in beauty clinics. Microdermabrasion is an act of abrasion or peeling of the skin using a special tool with the main ingredient of organic fine crystal or powder. In addition to the action of abrasion at the clinic, you can also do it at home using a special cream. This treatment aims at removing toxins and dead skin cells that accumulate on the surface of the skin.
Daily Skin Care

A. Do not forget to clean the face, such as washing the face according to skin type. If you wear oily skin that contains almond and avocado, while the wear dry skin containing honey soap so skin looks moist, and if you can use a normal type or content of tea greentea. If the detergent contains a kind of face scrub, do not use every day but put on 2 times a week because the skin will quickly become dry and irritated. Do wash my face every day at least 2 times a day. With skin wash will avoid acne and skin will be fresh and supple.

2. The second step is do not forget to shower at least 2 times a day, to do with the whole body, including shoulders back, the neck both front and rear areas, and the groin area and to miss the foot and toes.
Perhaps we often forget when we bathe quickly finish our bath and in a hurry without regard to the body parts that we have clean, moments when we can clean the bathroom was the total of our body, even in the bath with aromatherapy, we can eliminate fatigue and body and mind are relaxed. What other day we sweat and the body becomes dirty, although not visible.

3. The third step do not forget if you are traveling out of the room either at the office or field, do not forget to wear protective sunblock that does not burn the skin and into a dark and dry. Meanwhile, if the room air conditioning do not forget to wear a moisturizer or lotion to avoid dryness of skin wrinkles due to dry quickly.

4. The latter do not forget to pay attention to food and beverages consumed for health every day, nutritious and high in fiber and contain fluids and minerals.
If you want mendapatakan beautiful skin, beautiful and charming, the following tips:

A. Wash face gently with a cleanser in the morning, afternoon and evening. Because the skin is clean then it is more resistant or immune to acne and freckles.

2. Clean up the remnants of makeup that linger on the face or on the skin with a toner, which can make the skin feel refreshed.

3. Then followed by the use of a suitable moisturizer on the skin to soften and protect skin and prevent dehydration.

4. Use a night cream (cream specially at night) to nourish and repair skin while you sleep.

5. And for special treatment, use a scrub and mask once or twice a week, it serves to increase the efficiency of our daily routine.

Yes that’s a variety of health tips in caring for the skin, may help …


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