Properties of Green Tea Benefits

Your hijauTahukah tea benefits of green tea? If you do not know the health of this article will help to inform to you. It turned out that the efficacy of this type of tea was much too you know. And very good for the human body.

Regular green tea leaves are processed with steam so that the content remains high EGCGnya. After that new properties can be taken as a tea to drink.

And the benefits that you can be by drinking green tea is the antioxidants in tea was found to reduce growth of breast cancer, bladder cancer, lung, stomach, avoid deep vein thrombosis, pancreatic disorders.

In addition to the above, properties that can be taken is able to burn fat, relaxes and reduces the risk of decline in the nervous system. The latter can be useful to prevent one of the causes of disease and Parkinosn Alseimer.

How as much as the benefits of roselle tea instead? It was also good as bottled tea Sosro! And all these properties can be obtained simply by drinking regular green tea every day.

There’s even an expert who says there is no risk of drinking green tea bad. Even so for you who want to feel the benefits and efficacy of this tea, but are undergoing radiation or chemotherapy had better breast cancer consultation.


2 thoughts on “Properties of Green Tea Benefits

  1. I couldn’t agree more; green tea has so many great qualities to drinking it. The other added bonus is that it helps me wake up in the morning! Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:)

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