The benefits and efficacy of Sari Dates

Dates are the fruit is good for health, other sweet taste. Turned out a lot of benefits derived from palm juice itself. Want to know what are the benefits for human health. Please be listened to below:

In several studies the efficacy of dates (pollen) for health is

Assist the growth of bone from calcium deficiency
very suitable for diet
Overcome was
lethargic and tired
ation to the baby through the mother who ate the dates,
Prevent and treat stroke
Treating animea
Prevent the body from bacteria and cancer
Nurture of myopia
Stabilize the psyche of children and the elderly
Slow the aging body
Healthy skin is more delicate
Adding to the child’s weight
enhance the vitality
Increase of platelets in the blood and tackle dengue
Overcoming rheumatism
Streamlining the urinary tract
The best food and drink for pregnant and postpartum as well as stabilizing the blood and nutrients back to the perfect

WOW! apparently a lot of benefit that we can get from palm juice.

Here are some comments from scholars and medical experts

Amru bin Maimun,

“If a woman gave birth difficulties, there is nothing better than cooking dates, whether wet or dry


“The women that maternity does not have something better for them than ripe dates.”

DR. JabbarAn-Nuaimi and DRAI-amirAbbas Ja’far,

“Sari Dates contain elements of a type of fastener that can help prevent uterine bleeding after childbirth. ‘” Dates are the basic ingredient of a new drug known as diostolen, this substance is essential to overcome reumatic and some types of eye diseases


“Dates have properties strengthen the liver, facilitate bowel movement, increase libido, sex, and cure dry throat”

It is now announcing the benefits and efficacy of palm juice. What can I try it now


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