Watermelon Fruit Benefits and Benefits

Watermelon is delicious eaten fresh, but also contain many health benefits. Want to know what the benefits are not well known by many people. Marik’s look at pesan2 following:

Lycopene in watermelon kasiat also donated specifically for married men. This fruit can increase fertility and help men’s sexual arousal.

Watermelon has the property to stimulate more rapid discharge of urine, so it had benefits for those with impaired urination.

The fruit has a benefit also to reduce fever

Watermelon has the benefit to be able to prevent thrush with potent

For those of you who are dieting. The fruit is free of fat and sugar levels have a combination of limited and abundant moisture. Moreover, the fruit of this one is quickly filling in the stomach. So for the diet, feel the benefits from it.

Watermelon fruit invaluable benefits for people with hypertension. Water content and high potassium can neutralize blood pressure.

Watermelon can also intensify the work of the heart

Antioxidants include beta-carotene and vitamin C helps the body’s cells healthy.

It was said that watermelon has properties to prevent cancer, so it does not hurt to eat a watermelon. Because of the benefits contained very much at all. Star fruit, too.


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