White turmeric benefits and efficacy

Efficacy of a turmeric is already no longer terindahkan. But this time the stars will discuss the benefits of one of its kind that is white turmeric. At the Rhizome has tremendous health benefits such as to overcome: indigestion, abdominal pain, stomach pains, bruises and swelling kerana. Another benefit that is for external use, use grated white turmeric to mengurap bruised body parts, terseliuh, and ulcers that are difficult to break. Even at, the parent rhizome which may be used as a dried powder. Turmeric can also produce white wind from the stomach, the way the powder brewed as a key pepet Senduk cup of tea with hot water, then cover. After chilling, drinking beningannya. And feel the immediate benefits. White turmeric is also believed to have anticancer properties. Even so just kind of mango and white turmeric (Curcuma mango) which limited growth in a cold temperature in Indonesia, which can prevent or treat cancer. According to the Chief Directorate of Traditional Drug Control Directorate General of POM, Ketut Ritiasa, research on white turmeric has been done in China since 1988. At the White Turmeric contains essential oils known to consist of curdione and curcumol. These plants are antioxidants properties and can withstand a substance free radicals cause the growth of cancer cells and may increase red blood cells. ” But then again hati2, despite having a benefit for normal people, but it should not be used during pregnancy can cause miscarriage kerana. Although small in size, do not underestimate the benefits of white turmeric. Because he is one of the herbs that have been used for hundreds of years as a traditional medicine.



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