10 point secret ‘Sensitive’ Female Body

Curiosity is the nature of every human being. Similarly, in matters of sex. Probably, almost all men wonder, in fact, at the point where the hell she could be crazy if you touched?
It’s your lucky day. Because, there are 10 point ‘vulnerable’ in the body of a woman who ‘will give’ to the touch. So, you can practice on your wife, especially if he is

10. Inner thigh section is very sensitive to touch, because there are lots of nerves there. But, you can not treat it so harshly sensitive.

9. Because of all the nerve behind the knee end up behind the knee, this area also ‘full surrender’. Treat it gently.

8. Try your hand deh buttocks addressed to it, surely you will feel the pleasure.
7. Neck Just breathing around here will make your wife ‘overwhelmed’. Imagine if your hands or lips that ‘play’. This location is also good for targeted massage that you are famous. It must make you irresistible.

6. Touch the ears in this area is very exciting. Begin with a gentle whisper and erotic. And continue to kiss you back.

5. Many women are happy feet touched and massaged her feet. Understandably, after walking all over the place all day, must be part of this whining for attention. Gently caress your toes, soles, and heels, is also a good business for foreplay.

4. Breast breast is a part that could be the first thing you remember from the body of a woman. You see, in addition to beautiful shapes, this location is very sensitive to stimulation. His form also leaves you free to touch in any form. Discover whether your spouse would rather you do it gently, or a little rough.

3. I think strange wrist, right. But, maybe that’s why experts recommend that women put fashion perfume around her wrist. Therefore, there is a sensitive in situ pulse. He would be impressed if this acreage to explore.

2. Genitalia The debate is actually not necessary at all. Based on experience, this area is so the ultimate goal of the game of love. Even so, in fact you can use it in foreplay. Try a variety of ways. The key is only one, do it gently.
While expedition, you can also try to find G-spot, U-spot, or deep-spot is famous for. In these areas, the most powerful female sexual feelings when stimulated. Meet once a place, even the softest touch that will give a pleasant sensation and unusual. If it was not met – as usual – was looking pretty exciting, right?

And you know, the most sensitive point in a woman’s body?
A. Your lips should not miss this section just because you are too eager to carry out exploration in other parts. Therefore, a woman’s lips can be manipulated in such a way that he would feel excited, stimulated, well loved in the same time.
Kiss the lips to give everything a woman needs when the relationship. Especially when having sex. If you ever reach the top in the state you are kissing, feel the sensation of pleasure. Guaranteed, you’ll Fulfilled

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