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EVERY couple longed for the presence of a child. As a husband, are you ready? Lots of things to do while waiting for the birth of husband baby. Do not let the past nine months in the womb of the wife, the fetus is psychologically orphaned. Since you do not pay attention to it. You must follow the arrival of the baby from the womb. What can you do?
First, do not underestimate the physical needs of the fetus. Growth of brain cells, bone loss and quality of growth has begun to be determined since the fetus. Quantitatively, the mother needs to eat more than usual to disubsidikan the fetus in the womb. Not to mention the quality problems, the food should contain protein, vitamins and other nutrients are adequate. Well, your obligation to provide all the food needs of the wife for fetal growth. Do not also forget to provide additional vitamins, blood booster, as well as calcium. You also must diligently control diet wives, providing food ekstraberkualitas and provide motivation to the wife to diligently consume these nutritious foods.

Second, give love and attention. Research shows, the fetus in the womb can feel the touch of loving parents. He also can enjoy the gentle sound is played loving parents near the mother’s abdomen. Experts say, one day after birth, the baby will more actively respond to different sounds during which she often heard in the womb. Well, to give a touch of affection that would need psychological air calm and happy. Your role in co-wives maintaining mental health to remain stable, calm, and happy.
You should be able to give full attention to him. For example, discuss the developments taking place week after week, work together to find information about pregnancy and education of children, accompanied his wife to the doctor or hospital to get checked every month of pregnancy, discuss the future plans for the baby, took a regular basis until the stroke her stomach as she spoke the words of affection.
Third, there’s nothing wrong if you give privileges to the wife during pregnancy. You can take some of the work wife if you do not have a maid. Laundry or ironing, for example.

Fourth, education is acceptable since human beings are still in the womb. Because the seven-month-old fetus has begun to hear voices aroused around the mother’s abdomen. You and your wife can memperdegarkan classical music for example. Because the soft voices honed sense of beauty which can stimulate brain growth and intelligence of children.

Fifth, get involved in preparing the moments of the birth of the fetus. For example, providing cost labor, the baby needs to restore the health of mothers.

Sixth, you need to help mental readiness and force his wife to give birth. Because this is life and death struggle for his wife. You have to give attention, encouragement, and motivation to his wife face this difficult time. Several ways can be taken, such as wife to include training in prenatal classes (prenatal education) are held in hospitals, to accompany the birth process itself.

Seventh, is especially significant when you could be present during the birth process. Your presence, even if just to accompany, holding hands and whispering words of consolation, will give a boost and add extra mental strength for his wife. Your involvement is also beneficial to you. At least when you watch the pain suffered by his wife, his struggle against death, someday you will better appreciate and understand the feelings of his wife. Also, it will grow special feelings towards the baby, so it would be to familiarize the bond between you and the kids.
Nothing wrong with a man’s Standby (ready between guard). Anyway for the sake of your wife and child. Which also means, your family happiness.

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