Benefits of the grape

 – Among ancient Arab saying is that “Wine smooth stomach, intestine useful for both for the sick, for vitality, good for the body, producing new blood, useful for chest and abdomen, is the fruit quality, greasy, repair kidneys, cleanse blood, offset temperament, smooth and clean the digestive tract, is useful for inflammatory disease, blockage of the kidney and spleen, neurological disease, pneumonia, and constipation. ”

– Grape leaves are boiled as tea has a privilege to pee water delivery, and even clean it in the condition of dysentery, diarrhea, and blockage of urine, and jaundice. Also alleviate the levels of uric acid, liver function monitor that can lead to diuresis (urine abundance). Wine also helps keeping ozot substances that fight fatigue and body fat in general.

– Doctors believe that the Greek Deskoredes cure of deam hot wine, bleeding in the chest, dysentery and liver disease. As the fruit is dried raisins in the sun is used to soften the chest diseases and diseases of the lungs, liver, kidney, and urinary bladder (bladder). The grape leaves are used as an anti-skin disease and stop the bleeding in women.

– Wine in modern medicine has researched and discovered that wine contains potassium, manganese, calcium, magnesium, sodium, iron, chlorine, phosphorus, and iodine in high levels. Grapes are rich in vitamins A, B, and C. Also containing 1 kilo of 120-150 grams of pure sugar, levels are increased 15% when the ripe grapes.

– The natural doctor advised to consume 200 grams of wine every morning before breakfast or 5 hours after breakfast in the wine season. Privileges will keep the body from various shortcomings and defects. As for how to do the treatment with the wine is to consume as much as possible the patient before breakfast, and then bask in the sun in the morning, breathe clean air, exercising, walking, and sightseeing. At any time feel hungry, makakanlah some wine. The pattern of healing is done until a few weeks to come back stronger and better.

Medical experiments in natural
In a special census recorded experiments on cancer that is almost no country that has experienced a lot of vines and make wine as a staple food pnduduk. Wine is made by testing dozens of doctors in some countries and the results are satisfying and exciting.

For treatment
– Drinking grape juice between 700-1400 grams for the treatment of several diseases following: diuresis, colon cleansing, eradicate folic acid, bile helps expenditure, destroying sand, eradicate disease joints, constipation, poisoning, hemorrhoids, tuberculosis, and some conditions.
– To destroy the poison drink 3 glasses of grape juice every day after eating long term.
– Wine and mature to facilitate cleaning.
– Sari is not ripe grapes can be beneficial for conditions: chest tightness, redness of the skin and blood expenditure.
– Water flows on the tree (leaves) of wine in the spring taken a scoop of coffee in the morning antidote urinary stones and sand and gall bladder.
– Wine can also be used for the exterior of the body:

Wash your face with juice (juice) and then let the wine semala mencucina 10 minutes later with warm water by adding a little carbonate of soda.
Made from vine water as medicine to heal wounds that are also used water as an anti red eye.


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