Dada play area.

Anyone would agree very sensitive chest area. This region is the body stand out and challenge in women. And in this area anyway you like “play” and explore. The goal is what else if not to please your partner and make a great jump. Touch in this area will make the incomparable pleasure for your partner. Especially if you play at the end or the nipple, which is filled with lots of sensitive nerves. Not to mention, kiss, lick, and suck it. Great sensation will make your partner bounced. It’s just playing area requires expertise. The wrong way can make your partner in pain.
Principle, to make the breasts aroused great, do not need to be done in a hurry. It takes more patience. The following tips.

First, prior to the peak, do stimuli in the area around the breast with a gentle touch. Make a circular motion is narrowed to near the nipple. Great stimulus to come will make the nipples enlarged and hard or erect. Forward squeeze it with a movement that is slowly being fast. Do a little variation by gently touching the nipple. If you need to grasp the nipple between two fingers and rotate like making spheres. Fixed with a soft touch.

Second, play your tongue on the nipple. You can do it while still squeezing it or not. Do it slowly and with great tenderness. Dampen the nipple and surrounding saliva. In wet conditions, the nipple will feel warm. Then play your tongue on the nipple to the left, right, there oblique, oblique here. If you find a point that makes it soar, pertekan stimulation at that point. It can make your partner squirm as favors. Furthermore, you can flank and pulled her nipples with the tip of the lips. Do it many times. But do not be too hard, because it can make it sore. If one makes a mistake, soon licking and wet again as you did in phase one. Thus, the nipple will be cool again.

Third, continue to play the tongue can also make you sore. Rest your tongue movements, and start another movement. You can “eat” each partner’s breasts in the breast area or through the front. Do it slowly, or you can do with chewing technique by playing a hand in the breast around the breast area. Do it all with great tenderness.

Fourth, all the games you’ll make it aroused great, and wet. The rest, you just decide for yourself: is it going directly to the target or not.

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