Enlarge Bird!

The penis consists of roots, stems, and the glans or tip of the penis. Shaft of the penis consists of three parts of the corpus. The third corpus is a network that acts on erection. In the glans penis sensory end organ systems exist which are the most important source of impulses to create a sensual impression on the central nervous system. Erection of the penis may occur in infants, although the function of the nervous system when the baby is not perfect and androgen hormone levels are still very low.

According to dr. Coal Jose, MD, son of endocrinologists Section of Child Health, Jakarta Cipto Mangunkusumo, the size of the penis is considered normal for a newborn penis length of approximately 2.5 to 3 cm. Larger or slightly smaller than that is still considered normal. After a 12-week-old fetus, the growth of the genitals would be affected by two types of hormone gonadotropin hormone (a hormone produced hyper gonads by the pituitary) and testosterone (produced by the testes of the baby). Growth hormone is also thought to have a role in the growth of the penis. If these three hormones are normal, which means the sex of the baby will be born normal with a normal penis size as well. Penis length measurements of clinical benefit in infants, among others, to detect any abnormalities of fetal growth and development of the penis in the prenatal period.

Length of penis growth is strongly influenced by age. Before puberty, growth is slow, then followed by rapid growth during puberty. Growth is also somewhat influenced by height. In the period before puberty penis length increased with the increase in body length during the first five years. But the diameter of the penis is increased very slowly until the coming of puberty. “It is not true to say that fat kid penis is smaller than normal-weight children,” said dr. Coal. Issues in general just because the penis goes down by the fat pad. However, if we have doubts, check with your child endocrinologists. The existing way of measuring technique. In the obese children, first of all doctors suppress fatty tissue covering it down, and the penis stretched penis was measured in a straight state. In case of stretched penis, penis length is determined by setting the tip of the glans penis on the ruler in centimeters. Measurement started until close to half a centimeter to three repetitions, and the average value of measurements expressed as the length of the penis the correct size. While the size of the penis are relaxed, according to dr. Coal, will vary as influenced surroundings.

If after measured turns out it was not long (micro penis), the doctor may seek the provision of a limited dose of testosterone injections. There are also drugs of topical ointments, but generally the results are unsatisfactory. Coal warned against indiscriminate use of hormone medication without consulting your doctor. Hormones in the laboratory examination in children aged 0-12 years, according to this child endocrinologists, yet necessary. The problem is, the average here is limited laboratory capacity to measure the absolute value of the hormone in children age

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