Fantasize, and Stay Pumped. Fantasy can not be separated from one’s sex life, so do you. Having sex with one partner often makes you tired. Especially if your spouse’s old age, and pick the body that is not interesting anymore. And fantasies can make your sex drive (fixed) back awake, warm, and awake. However, even this fantasy has its limits, so you are not too far, and ignore your spouse. Now there are many facilities to make your fantasies soar. There are books, magazines or video blue, and well-Esek Esek sites on the Internet.

You can fantasize with plump women, movie stars the beautiful and sexy, or fantasize about having sex is not uncommon. Fantasy is a normal activity of men. Every man would ever fantasize. How to stay safe this fantasy, and not direct you to perform a deviant act, affair, for example.

First, do not be afraid to fantasize. It is not something sexual deviations. Fantasize about sex is a pleasant recreation. But remember, do not let it lead you to fantasy at will I do with your partner. There is a fantasy that can be realized with your partner, and some do not. Berfantasilah just to keep your passion.

Second, it opens with your partner about your fantasies. If fantasy is still possible with your spouse, for example, perform oral sex, he would certainly reject it. Generally, men closed in on his fantasy partner, fear of offending their partners.

Third, you certainly do not need to tell your fantasy sex with a sexy movie star, for example. It may be that your partner will not accept and jealous. Simply save your fantasy in your mind, and let up even though you are on the bed and had sex with your partner.

Fourth, in order to secure and keep your fantasies inflame your passion, berfantasilah with this pattern. Fantasizing about women who are no longer possible to be found (can be ex-girlfriend, for example), women who are not yet known, a younger woman (especially if the wife is not attractive anymore), and prostitutes (the distribution of all men desires that can not be obtained from his wife ). But remember, it’s fantasy only to open up your sexual fantasies with your spouse.

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