Have Sex Without Penetration

In certain circumstances, sex often do not have to do with penetration. And conditions that would be encountered every pair. However, sex without penetration remains a nice option to conditions that do not allow for the fulfillment of the terms of penetration. Most importantly, this road can give pleasure mengetarkan. Want to try?

Generally this kind of sex is often based on medical reasons. Such as pregnancy, postpartum recovery, the recovery period after surgery, or recovery after an accident, and is in the treatment of sexual diseases themselves.
But not a few couples who do things like this. They assume intercourse does not always require penetration to get sex is fun. Because sometimes, there are times when you or your partner want to have sex with mediocrity, no penetration. There is also a sense of sexual boredom after living together for several years. So it took a kind of variation in sex. Once done with the ordinary without penetration, their feelings will change. They feel more sexy with love like that. Makes them feel younger.

Sex without penetration is also done for some reason. For example, to create a better passion in preparing for a full sexual relationship in the future. For example, to resist penetration for one night, it means that both partners have created a better preparation for a strong sex the next day. During sex, men are usually able to get erections that are stronger than usual. And they can feel the orgasm that is stronger and more pronounced than usual.

If you still hesitate or have never tried it, what’s wrong with taking your partner to do so. Choose a romantic place and other places he never expected, like in the living room, kitchen, den, or to more challenging to do in the back seat of your car. Surely he will shock made. Then, select and follow the steps below.

First, do outercourse. The couple can open some clothes if you like, but the clothes still in a sticky position in the body. Outercourse called Dry humping is going to make her partner feel young again.

Second, mutual masturbation. Both partners can do this, or see their partner masturbate so aroused.

Third, perform cunnilingus and fellatio. Because many people assume and make it as an integral part of foreplay. Even this kind of sex can be more than just preparation for sexual intercourse. Oral sex can be done separately.
Fourth, do the femoral intercourse. By putting the penis between the thighs with no menginsersikannya into the vagina.

Fifth, do Intermammary intercourse. By putting the penis between the breasts. This activity was already very famous and often performed by young couples in Europe. And many people, especially men, who think that the act is very sexy and very sensual.
You interested? Encourage your partner to adventure in this romance, and feel the sensations and pleasures.

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