hold Orgasm

Some sex experts say there are three techniques that can be trained to prolong the arrival of orgasm.
First, is the Kegel technique, which was originally reserved for women. But, apparently, the same properties are also obtained when the man put it into practice. Then, how? Look. Keep in mind, the technique is its purpose only strengthen kegel muscles of the penis. So, could prevent the release of sperm at the time of the unwanted. The trick, as for women, resist the urine to be issued in a matter of half a minute. Then, remove the urine again, and hold it again, up to three times the detention.

After that, the urine may be shed all. This exercise is divided in three stages. Each stage is an increase in holding time during 15 seconds. If you are able to withstand up to a minute or so, it means that your muscle traction is very good. Moreover, if the circumstances are very pengin urinate, you are able to withstand the flow as far as 2 minutes. It’d be nice. If it can, then practice the techniques when bertimsuis detention with his wife. See, the result will look. Sperm flow will be stopped, and you’ll be stuck ejaculation. This will force longer if you keep practicing. And later, the durability you can up to 30 minutes. Amazing is not it?

The second is the top engineering start. This technique is quite complicated. And, it only applies to when the team suis alone. The trick is, if you was going to ejaculate, please take penises, and press the head of the penis with the thumb to the left, Whereas,, do not be too hard. If you feel the flow of sperm suspended, timsuis can be resumed again, and similar techniques can be repeated again. But, do not forget to communicate to your partner’s treatment, let his mood is not compromised. If necessary, ask him to start the top techniques. Is not this will add to the excitement timsuis you?

The third way is to reduce your level of sexual arousal. This method is pretty bad. You see, you have to think not being bertimsuis. Alias, you have to throw the mind, and imagine something that could divert the pleasure timsuis relationship. Most of the therapist asks the patient indulging in a pleasant enough, such as while on vacation. These fantasies will reduce the stimulation of your partner. And, until he gets an orgasm, you should concentrate on the new relationship. So, try not to let him know that you are “not there” when the relationship was suis team. If he knew, would not hazard? Of the three ways to “treat” this EP, is just the first way that could apply permanently. Because of that, you try to want to practice a little harder, and take supplements for endurance. Simultaneously, timsuis schedule.

Try, before timsuis, the wife obtained a very adequate stimulation, and when he is ready bertimsuislah. It will make you and she can reach orgasm simultaneously. Is not it amazing. In addition, always communicate with your wife before coitus. Maybe he needs a change of style or mood. Follow it, it will lighten your load while stimulating.

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