multiple Orgasms

In men, the ability to function sexually dependent on psychological factors, hormones, nerves and blood vessels. Order of male sexual pd includes 5 steps: arousal, erection, ejaculation, orgasm, and detumescence (loss of erections). Ejaculation and orgasm actually move that the order is not always the first ejaculation, because ejaculation is part of the orgasm.

Sexual desire regulated by hormones and psychological factors. Erectile ability is governed by the nervous system and blood flow system. Premature governed by some nervous system and some blood vessels. Orgasm is a purely psychological phenomenon that includes the pleasure / sensation for ejaculation, and detumescence (loss of erection) is set by the system of blood vessels.

The title above is not a Multiple Orgasm Multiple Ejaculation. This is to straighten out the myth that has existed among men, that is the Multiple Orgasm Multiple Ejaculation. Ejaculation is a discharge of semen in the male orgasm. Which includes the pleasure of orgasm as / after / during ejaculation can be achieved by not always have to ejaculate. For this is one way to achieve multiple orgasms is to practice, because an orgasm is purely psychological, so as to achieve the pleasure of ejaculation, we have to get the sensation of ejaculation without ejaculating away by itself. Orgasm is called “Phase Contractile Orgasms (COP)” is an orgasm without having to place a ‘Expulsion phase orgasms “the phase of ejaculation and loss of erection, while the COP as well as” feeling of ejaculation “(also included 3-5 second contraction of the muscles in the penis as in the ejaculate) but without loss of erection and ejaculation. And / or some of you may also come to the level of ejaculation without detumescence (loss of erections). Confused? For more details, read on.

First of all we have to recognize first the physiology of male ejaculation orgasm tool. Levels until ejaculation can actually be described as follows: The first sensation is coming from the testis (seed), the sensation that spread from the gastrointestinal tract epididymis and spermatic the contract and spasm to move sperm into the prostate gland or also called the ampulla. Ampulla filled with sperm that we perceive as pleasure dg sexual stimulation. Continuous stimulation of the penis is an organ triggers hardening of the seminal vesicles which will continue to fill out / send the semen to the ampulla. Once sufficient pressure is reached (due to continuous replenishment) in the ejaculatory ducts (urethra), prostate will harden, and then will release its contents into the urethra. Ejaculation is inevitable if the prostate has hardened. Finally, at the end of the valve will open as ejaculatory ducts dg start of ejaculation reflex.

Semen is expelled from the penis is a mixture of various liquids dg escape sequence: 1. Prostate fluid (10%);
2. Sperm (5%) and liquid Ampullary Gland (10%);
3. Seminal fluid (70%) and again 4. Prostate fluid (5%).

Note, that there is a valve end of the ejaculatory ducts and that the pressure of the fluid that triggers a reflex ejaculation. You can orgasm and discharge sperm, Ampullary and seminal to the ejaculatory ducts without triggering ejaculation reflex itself valve or opening page. Maybe there is anyone here who inadvertently have experienced this, where you are nearing the great ejaculation, then you stop all movement, and your penis discharge (ejaculation) but still erect, and when you continue the movement, you can easily ejaculate again. Things like this can be trained, even if you have to do it once, you will not necessarily be able to do it continuously every you want, endurance or the ability of sperm replenishment has its limits. This is called Multiple Ejaculation.

As for the COP, you can do it repeatedly with an interval of rest for a few seconds or minutes. You can be the same pleasure without ejaculation, it is tolerated by your body, so it can be done repeatedly.

Both Multiple Ejaculation and Orgasm Multiple COP is included.

Exercise 1: Breathing

Dg breathe deeply and regularly (without too much), one can add a control to orgasm, and increase its ability to regulate muscle contraction or the urethra.
Dg sitting in the back straight and feet touching the floor and your shoulder width wide fit.
Place your hands on the belly button and make your shoulders relaxed.
Inhale through your nose and feel your lower abdomen expand in the area around the navel (under and around it). Diaphragm chest will also go down.
Dg keep your chest relaxed, exhale dg little compulsion to shrink your stomach, like you would pull your navel into the spine approach. Also feel your penis and the seeds come up / are interested.
Repeat steps 3 and 4 about 20 s / d 40 times.

Exercise 2: Learning to focus attention

The next exercise is to improve concentration. The ability to move attention are also quite important in sex.
Inhale slowly (develop your stomach) and exhale (reduce stomach) as an exercise. Pull in and out of breath is counted as a single breath.
Continue to breathe using the abdomen and the count of 1 s / d 100, think only about pernapasanmu.
If you think your mind has been broken / not focus anymore, starting from scratch.
Do this exercise at least 2 days until you can count to one hundred with ease without your mind split.

Exercise 3: Finding / knowing PC Muscle

When you urinate, stand on your toes, if necessary, you can hold up a hand to the wall, do the two hands (the other one’s megangin!)
Breathe in deeply
Remove slowly, then when you feel almost out of urine, remove it firmly.
Inhale and contract your PC muscles to stop urinating when urine has not been exhausted.
Exhale again and pee like no. 3
Repeat steps 4 and 5, three s / d 6 times or until you finish urinating.
PC muscle (Pubococcygeus) is responsible for rhythmic contractions of the pelvis and anus during orgasm. Pd Cewe PC muscle contractions can be used to massage the penis. Strong PC muscle which can be connected dg is also a powerful orgasm. If you can easily set dg PC muscle, you can set also premature, as the muscle relaxes, the valve will remain closed urethra. Remember, MAKE A RELAXED, not him contraction. By relaxing you will avoid premature.

Exercise 4: Strengthening the PC Muscle

You can stop the exercise no.1 if you have been accustomed to breathe like that during sex, and also no. 2 if you have been able to focus your attention, and No. 3 if you have enough of your PC. But you have to get these 4 exercises. The more you do, these muscles stronger and better sex will be felt by you. This exercise can also be done by the same girl for a profit. Note: The following exercises Pd, contraction is only really important thing is the PC muscle contraction. You can meliwatkan contraction of the eyes and mouth if you want.
Inhale and concentration of the prostate (seed), perineum (the area between the anus and bag seed), and anus.
When you exhale, contract your PC muscle around your prostate and around the anus and contract the muscles around the eyes and mouth.
Take a deep breath and relax, release your PC muscle, eyes and mouth. RELAXED exercise is important, to be completely relaxed.
Repeat steps 2 and 3, contracting your muscles when out of breath and release when the inhale, do 10 to 40 times.

Exercise 5: Feel the pleasure and habit

Now we learn the basic techniques of Male Multiple Orgasm. Remember, orgasm and ejaculation is physiologically different processes that can be enjoyed alone, his own orgasm and ejaculation itself, does not depend on each other. We practice to have an orgasm without ejaculating. For Multiple Ejaculation (ME), you are automatically trained well, but do not expect you skilled in the ME this, why, who read the above again.
This practice, of course initially dg masturbation (especially for those of you who have guns partner), then after enough practice to be able to continue your workout partner dg.
Begin to lubricate your penis. Lubricants can increase sensation.
Lubricant is up to each of you, but who are not dangerous and certainly not reduce the enjoyment of which is important, even they will have to add to the enjoyment.
Start doing your ritual movements, movements up to you, remember to massage and stimulate your entire penis and your pocket. While doing the breathing which in and regularly as in exercise 1.

Consider your arousal increases, note tickling feeling at the end of your penis, notice the level of erection, also increase heart rate. Do not forget, continue breathing. If you forgot breathing or gets messed up, then you have to train longer Exercises 1 and 2 above. Ideally you breathe like that dg without your attention.
If you’re so close to ejaculation, stop and rest (possibly dg breathe in and hold it for a while). Consider the contraction of the PC muscle and anus that appears on this phase (this is the phase “COP” Orgasm Contractile Phase), although do not be surprised / disappointed when eating enough time to experience this without ejaculating. You can also try to squeeze your PC muscle around the prostate if the prostate starts contracting and you think you could not help but to ejaculate.

Once you hold the control again, you can start again as much and as long as you like.
In this exercise you have to do detention no.4 ejaculation, just as you are very very close to ejaculate, just as close as possible dg ejaculation, then hold dg relax all the muscles of your PC. If you can achieve a COP (without ejaculation) two times or more in one masturbate without an erection is lost, then you should be pretty proud, you have started multi-orgasmic.

Practice in the Multi orgasmic sex with partner
If you think exercise is enough 5 (PC muscle contractions of the grazed premature ejaculation but do not you stop stimulating or squeeze your PC muscle) then you are able to practice in sex with a partner. The difference here is, if your partner can stop dg boost or ask your partner to stop or slow down whatever they’re doing. It is important to you girl, her first orgasm, multiple orgasms if you want to practice this, so each time you quit or have quit not bother him. If Guys wanted to quit but the girl was close to orgasm and do not want to quit, there are several choices: stop all movement but must replace dg cowonya hand or the other. Another option is to change the style genjotan, for example, to rotate in and out of your body pressing clitnya dg.

Guys above position:
This position is great for eye contact, which is quite valuable if they are multi-orgasmic and they want to share psychological strength. Although this position is not so good for stimulating the G-Spot, but it could dikiati dg cewenya put pillows under the buttocks, or dg put his foot on his shoulder Guys (higher foot deeper penetration)

Cewe above position:
This position is easiest for Guys who control the ejaculation. Gravity is quite helpful, and because it can relax the PC muscle Guys, Guys easier to pay attention to what’s going on and everything slows down when ejaculation is imminent. This position makes it easy to stimulate clitnya girl during sex. Girls can control the speed and type of stimulus to clitnya so he too can have an orgasm over and over again.

Guys behind the position:

This position is good when a powerful stimulus / hardware is desired or if the way down. In which penetration is very easy, it would be in if the girl is more arched back and lifted her ass up high. Stimulation of the clitoris more easily and G-spot stimulation is a direct hit. The drawback is eye contact, but if you have a glass in front of it will eliminate this deficiency, see the sights you both will be very erotic for both of them.

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